8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Seaweed


8 Amazing health benefits of seaweed

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When was the last time you ate seaweed? Maybe at a Japanese restaurant wrapped around a sushi. Do you know seaweed is packed with antioxidants, calcium and vitamins? Seaweed is an important part of the cuisine of Asian countries like Japan and China. Some people even claim that due the high consumption of seaweed in Japan, the Japanese have less number of diseases! For about 2000 years, it has been known as a perfect food in China. Back in history, sea vegetable gardens were kept exclusively for the rich people.

They are nutritionally dense because they have access to the ocean’s nutrients. Isn’t it fascinating? A food full of the ocean’s minerals!

8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Seaweed

nori seaweed superfood health benefits

1) It purifies the blood

Seaweeds have a chemical composition which is so close to the human blood plasma. This makes seaweed excellent at regulating and purifying the blood.

2) It is high in calcium

You would be surprised to know that seaweed has ten times more calcium than milk and eight times more calcium than beef. A good reason to add it in your diet!

3) It is alkalizing in nature

Modern day diet is over-acidic in nature. This can be neutralized by consuming seaweed. It helps in alkalizing the blood.

4) Protects from toxins

Pollution is present all around us. Our environment is of full of toxic elements and by-products of radiation. Seaweed protects us from the harmful effects of a lot of such toxins by converting them into harmless salts that the body can easily eliminate.

5) It has anti-oxidants

Lignans found in seaweed are naturally occurring compounds that are known to be good antioxidants that protect from cancer.

edible seaweed health benefits

6) Detoxifying in nature

Seaweeds are rich in chlorophyll just like most plants are. Chlorophyll is a powerful and natural detoxifier that helps in eliminating waste products from our body.

7) Helps in weight loss

This might be your favourite reason to indulge in seaweed :P. Yes, you read that right! Seaweed does help in weight loss and also prevents cellulite build-up. The thyroid gland is responsible for maintaining a healthy metabolism. Seaweed has a naturally high amount of iodine that helps in stimulating the thyroid gland. The minerals found in it also act as electrolytes that break the chemical bonds that happen to seal fat cells. This enables trapped wastes to escape.

8) Protects from cancer and improves fertility

As per research done, it has been found that seaweed regulates level of the hormone estrogen (which is responsible for proper development and function of the sexual organs) and reduces the risk of developing breast cancer. Seaweed helps in resolving female fertility problems and also controls PMS.

Here is a bit about the seaweeds used in Chinese and Japanese cuisine that may sound new to you:

Nori– It is famous as it is used to make sushi rolls. You can make your own sushi at home. Make it a point to use untoasted sheets of nori in order to get maximum benefits.

Kelp– It is a brown algae. It is available in the form of a supplement also.

Dulse– This sea weed is sold as whole or as flakes. Flakes can be added to any meal straight away but whole dulse needs to be soaked before being used. It is used as a seasoning on salads and soups.

Arame– It is a black seaweed that needs to be soaked before being used. It can be added to stir fires, salads, curries, grain dishes and soups.

Wakame– This deep green seaweed tastes best when sprinkled in stir fries, soups, stews and other savoury dishes.

Kombu– It is used as a flavour enhancer and being rich in minerals it is most sought after. Adding a strip of this seaweed while cooking beans makes them easy to digest. While soaking sprouts if you add a strip of this seaweed, you will enhance the mineral content of the sprouts.

If you happen to get your hands on it, don’t miss the opportunity. A lot of seaweed supplements are available online.

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