8 Energy Giving Super Foods


8 Energy Giving Super Foods

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Are you feeling less energetic and vibrant these days? It can be because your body is out of balance. Another word for body balance is ‘homeostasis’. The body tends to achieve this state at every second of the day.

 What are the signs of the body being out of balance?

The signs of the body being out of balance are: nutritional deficiencies, mood disorders, fatigue, weight gain, fertility problems, digestive troubles, asthma, stress, blood sugar issues.

 Why is it hard to maintain body balance?

It is hard to maintain body balance nowadays because of radiation, electromagnetic frequencies, food additives and chemicals. These things cause a toxic build up inside us. This hampers our body from attaining its balance.

 Help is at hand

Don’t worry, there are certain super foods that can help our bodies achieve the desired balance. Super foods help you control your weight by assisting the release of the toxins accumulated in the body and by restoring the pH levels of the body. Here is a list of super foods that have essential nutrients and ample antioxidants.

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 8 Energy Giving Super Foods

1. Goji Berries

Though not native to India, Goji berries are imported from China. They contain powerful antioxidants help fight premature aging and improve the eyesight (being rich in Vitamin A). These berries have vital fatty acids and Vitamin B which is essential for stress release and energy. These berries also boost the immune system and improve blood circulation.

2. Chia Seeds

In India you get look- a-likes of chia seeds called ‘sabja’ seeds in Hindi. They are added to falooda, sherbet and milkshakes. Coming back to Chia seeds, they are a good source of protein, vitamin B12, calcium, potassium, iron, and omega 3 fatty acids. It is rich in antioxidants too.

3. Cacao Powder

Consuming cacao can help increase fat burning as it contains Theobromine. It boosts the feel good brain chemical (serotonin) that increases pleasure and relaxation. It can also help control blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol.

4. Stevia

Stevia is the best alternative to artificial sweeteners. Stevia is completely natural and contains no calories. Also it will not spike blood sugar so it helps control cravings and also keeps your weight in check. So you can now say bye- bye to sugar!

5. Kale

Kale is called ‘karam sag’ in Hindi. Its consumption in South India is rare but in North India its widely eaten. Kale has powerful antioxidants that helps fight infection. It is a great detoxifier for the liver too. It is rich in calcium, vitamin K and C, and iron.

6. Oat Bran

Oat bran is a cholesterol-lowering agent. It also an amazing source of fibre. It is a wonderful way to start the day!! You can have a bowl of oats porridge every morning.

7. Cinnamon

A common spice found in our households has a lot to offer. Cinnamon when taken on a daily basis has been found to stabilize blood sugar levels that help control cravings and sudden feeling of hunger. It is also known to lower LDL (bad cholesterol).

8. Coconut Water

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There nothing as refreshing as coconut water. It readily available in most places but always go in for the natural one. It is packed with electrolytes, so it naturally very hydrating. It balances the body’s pH, clears the skin and is detoxifying. It can boost weight loss as it keeps the metabolism rate of the body at an optimal level. It is very low in calories, so you can drink it without any second thoughts.

Hope you found this article useful!!

Stay healthy!!

Adapt these 8 energy giving super foods in your diet !

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