8 Foods That May Contain Trans Fat


8 Foods That May Contain Trans Fat

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Everyone these days says that trans-fat is bad for health and has to be removed from one’s diet. Even you would be feeling the same about trans-fat but do you know that trans-fat is hidden in certain food items and is getting inside you without your knowledge?


Why do food companies add trans-fat?

Food companies add trans-fat to food because they don’t love us! Seriously, they love their profits more. Trans-fat when added to food makes it taste good and last longer on the shelves of supermarkets. The flip side of consuming food that contains trans-fat it is hazardous for the heart. It raises the levels of bad cholesterol, lowers good cholesterol and increases inflammation. By the way, trans-fat is hydrogenated vegetable oil. The once much in vogue vanaspati ghee, remember?

Many food companies and fast-food chains these days are marketing their food saying that it is trans-fat free. Nevertheless, there are a few foods you need to be careful for!

1) French fries

Yes, you need to be cautious about places where they fry your French fries in vanaspati ghee or hydrogenated fat. Though certain food chains have decided to turn healthier by becoming trans-fat free, you have to careful about it! In the first place, if you are cautious about health you shouldn’t be having French fries 😛

2) Baked foods

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Just bought a cake from the bakery? Baked products are bound to contain trans-fat unless specified otherwise. Donuts, pastries, pies and other baked goodies can have trans-fat in them. Processed baked goods (leading brands) have trans-fat in them and that is clearly mentioned on the pack!

3) Margarine

There was a time when margarine was touted as a healthier option than butter. How could they say so? ’Because, it is made from vegetable oils and not dairy products’. Something very misleading! It is the worst swatch you can ever make. Margarine depends on hydrogenated oils to maintain its solid form. Be careful about what is in your bread spread!

4) Readymade cake mixes and frostings

Cake mixes are known to contain trans-fat. There may be trace amounts even if it is mentioned that they are trans-fat free. Do you know that companies can put 0 g trans-fat on their label if the product has lesser than 0.5 g of trans-fat in a serving?

Even after baking your cake things don’t end as you will most probably be decorating it with cream. Even cake frosting mixes are known to contain trans-fat. So you are ingesting trans-fat that way!

5) Fried chicken

Just like French fries, you need to be sure that your fried chicken has not been fried in hydrogenated oil and the same goes for fried fish too!

6) Microwave popcorn

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Popcorn is considered to be healthy, it is only the extra stuff you add to it to make it delicious that do the harm. When you add oil, butter and partially hydrogenated stuff to the docile corn kernels, you are by no way improving its nutrition value.

7) Cookies

Cookies are known to have partially hydrogenated oils in them. As a rule anything that has a long shelf life is bound to have trans-fat in them. Check the ingredients list and find out for yourself. The same goes for biscuits and crackers.

8) Frozen dinners

People who are perpetually busy tend to pick up frozen dinners at the supermarket. They are most likely to have trans-fat in them as they need to be kept ok for long. You should read labels carefully.

The bottom-line is that you should read labels. Check for trans-fat free sign.

Stay away from foods with trans fat!

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