8 Fruit Myths Debunked

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8 Fruit Myths Debunked

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Fruits are the nutritious presents fallen from the lap of Mother Nature! They are valuable because they are nutrient packed. All of us know that fruits are healthy but there are myths and misconceptions surrounding them too!

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Allow me to debunk the most common fruit myths

Myth 1: Dried fruit and fresh fruit are the same

Dried_prunes health benefits

Truth: While both dried fruit and fresh fruit have a lot of goodness in them, they are different. Dried fruit has its moisture removed therefore both its nutrients and calories are concentrated. Fresh fruit is packed with vitamin C and minerals. Vitamin C being a heat sensitive vitamin is lost or reduced in a dried fruit due to the processing. The water content in fresh fruit helps in hydrating the body. Dried fruit can be preserved longer than fresh fruit, so you can get the nutrients of the fruit through its dried form when the fresh fruit season is over. Dried fruits have more calories when compared to the fresh fruit because they are denser. If you are on a weight loss diet, you need to control portion size.

See, fresh fruit and dries fruit are so very different! Try to choose dried fruits that don’t have added sugar or any other additives.

Myth 2: Wash your strawberries and store them

Strawberry for weight loss

Truth: It is commonly heard that you should wash the berries before storing them. This is not a good thing to do. It would be better to keep strawberries dry and wash them just before consuming them. Moisture can cause bruising or development of mould on strawberries as they have pores. So, the unwashed strawberries will stay fresh for 3 to 7 days after you purchase them.

Myth 3: People having diabetes should not consume fruits.

Guava for diabetics

Truth: Though there are fruits that should be avoided by those having diabetes, there is no rule that diabetics shouldn’t have fruits. Fruits have a chockfull of nutrients. There are some fruits that can actually be good for them like pear, papaya, guava etc. to know more about fruits that are good for diabetics click here!

Myth 4: You can have as many fruits as you like as they are low in calories

fruits for detoxification

Truth: Fruits have simple sugars in them and are also having calories. There are fruits that are low in calories but this does not mean that you should down one fruit after another without stopping :P. You should maintain portion control as consuming too many calories can lead to weight gain.

Myth 5: If you eat too many fruits you will end up with diabetes

papaya for flat tummy

Truth: I don’t know from where such a spineless myth has popped up from! The disease happens due to the inability of the pancreas to secrete insulin or due to the body cells not responding to the insulin properly. There is no chance of getting diabetes just by eating fruits!

Myth 6: You shouldn’t be eating fruits at bed time

Berrries for diabetics

Truth: You can have a bed time snack comprising of fruits. They are healthy but you should not go overboard. Fruits are definitely a better choice than having calorie loaded chips or fries. Control your portion.

Myth 7: Fruit juice is as good as eating the whole fruit

Which Is Better - Fruit or Fruit Juice for weightloss

Truth: Not at all!! Fruit has more amount of fibre and phtyonutients than juice. If you go in for the juice, you are missing out on the goodness that lies in the fruit’s skin and pulp. The skin is packed with antioxidants and the pulp has lots of fibre to offer. It would definitely be better to have the fruit.

Myth 8: Having a fruit bar will give you the goodness of whole fruits

Fruit Bars

Truth: Fruit bars fall under the category of processed food. They are loaded with sugar and lack fibre. You will never get the goodness of a whole fruit in a fruit bar.

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