8 Healthy Morning Habits You Should develop

deep breathing

8 Healthy Morning Habits You Should develop

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Is there anything as refreshing as waking up to a happy morning? What makes the morning happy?? Maybe the sweet dreams we see all night long! There are certain morning habits that can make your entire day productive and healthy. They may seem commonplace but do make a huge difference.

1) Set a pleasant alarm tone

Everyone wakes up with the alarm, so it is important that you are woken up with a sweet sound rather than a jarring shock :P. The chirping of birds or your favourite song that sends out positive waves is the best option for you. It will wake you up soothingly and set the mood right for the day ahead.

2) Drink water as soon as you get up

Health Benefits Of Drinking Warm Lemon Water Every Morning

As soon as you wake up, you should drink a glass of water. This helps in rehydrating your body and kick starts your digestive system. Eventually you may start noticing positive changes like clear skin and better digestion. It would be a lot better if you squeeze in some fresh lemon juice into it.

3) Stay away from technology for at least one hour

People have this habit of sleeping with their phone close to their pillow. This can be dangerous as the phone emits radiation. What is worse that the first thing they do after waking up is to check their phone for messages, mails or missed calls. This addiction to technology is not good. Refrain from checking your phone at least an hour after you wake up. You will find your mind more focused and clear. Don’t believe me? Just give it a try and I bet it will make you feel happy.

4) Be thankful for the things in your life

Count your blessings and remember the people and situations that have left happy memories in your heart. This will set a tone of positivity in your mind. It will be great if you come up with 3 to 5 things you want to be thankful for.

5) Get some fresh air

deep breathing

There is something divine in the early morning breeze, dew and atmosphere. Fill yourself up with fresh morning air. Allow the breeze reach your heart and feel your troubles melting away. It will hardly take 10 secs. It will rejuvenate you and remind you that you live and not merely exist. If possible try walking barefoot on grass.

6) Get moving

It is not necessary to have a high intensity workout session prior to breakfast. Just doing a simple moves can go a long way in getting your blood flowing and energizing your body. It will help in switching on your wake-up mode. Doing basic stretches or if you are not that disciplined just dance to the tune of your favourite song as if no one is watching you.

7) Spend time on your breakfast table

Quick And Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss smoothie

How is your breakfast each morning like? If it is just out of cereal boxes you got to change that habit. You must focus on eating real foods like oats, eggs and smoothies (for your dose of fruits!!!). They are quick and easy to make too. If you want to eat the Indian way you can go in for idlis, dhoklas, poha and other Indian breakfasts. Here are some good breakfast options.

8) Be affirmative to yourself

Say positive things while looking at yourself in the mirror:

You can say anything like

  • It is a lovely morning!
  • Each part of my body is healthy.
  • I look so pretty and radiant.
  • I am feeling great.

Doing these simple things can truly make your day more productive!

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