8 Hour Diet To Lose Weight


8 Hour Diet For Weight Loss

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Don’t want to count calories or limit carbs? Well worry not, you can still diet! But how will you do that? With the 8 Hour Diet! According to this diet plan limiting your food intake to only 8 hours a day is an easy technique to control weight.

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In this plan, you need to consume your meals within 8 hours of the day and that would be something like – Brunch at 10 am, lunch at 1 pm or 2 pm and your last meal of the day by 6 pm.

The number of calories consumed or the amount of fat consumed is not important at all in this diet. It is argued that the main reason why so many of us are facing weight issues is because we tend to consume food across 16 hours a day when we have long days. The argument is that during prolonged periods of eating, in which food is consumed very frequently and every few hours throughout the day, more amount of insulin is released to keep levels of blood glucose stable.

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When you have high levels of insulin in the body, over time it can lead to inflammation and storage of fat. Additionally, you are less likely to feel hungry as you never let yourself get really hungry. Also, fat is more likely to get stored in your liver. Animal studies have supported this approach for weight loss and control of hormones. According to some preliminary studies, rats that were given free access to food high in fat but only for a short time period had a lower weight and no cholesterol or blood glucose issues or inflammation in the liver. On the other hand, rats that were allowed to eat food 24 hours a day gained weight, had high blood glucose and cholesterol levels. It also impaired motor control. The researchers came to the conclusion that when you feed the body constantly, it makes the body enter storage mode. This makes people gain weight and places stress on the liver resulting in increased blood glucose levels.

Is this 8 hour diet plan practical?

It may seem perfect in lab studies but following the 8 hour diet in real life is not so easy. You might have long hours at work or probably a job that wants you to work in shifts. This can make you consume meals and snacks all day long and even at night. We live in an environment that encourages constant consumption of food, regardless of meal timings and hunger.

The biggest issue with calorie limiting diets is that they become difficult to follow. For the 8 hour diet to work well for you, you need to consume a huge meal at one point of the day so that your hunger is in check and does not make you cranky.

This was a glimpse of the 8 hour diet. Studies have been carried out but only on animals. Human studies are still required to render this diet effective.

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