8 Low Carb Moong Recipes

how to sprouts

8 Low Carb Moong Recipes

Moong Daal is one of the low carb pulses available. Other pulses are high in protein but carbs too. So a low carber has limited options when it comes to legumes and pulses.

First of all, moong daal that is allowed in low carbing is Green Whole Moong Bean only. You can also have split ones, but during splitting, the nutrients on the surface of bean are lost n hence its less healthy as compared to whole moong bean.

Yellow moong should not be consumed. Its prepared when skin is removed from whole moong daal. As self explanatory it is, while removing skin, fiber is lost 🙁 , making the beans more carby !

Here are a few Moong Recipes that I make very often –

1. Moong Sprouts

how to sprouts

No points for guessing. Fresh green moong sprouts are highly nutritious and delicious too. Sprouting does not take much efforts. There are a lot of health benefits of sprouts. More information on sprouting here.
You can have sprouts with salt n pepper alone or add cucumber, onion , tomato an lemon juice too. Some people prefer steamed sprouts, some raw. You can follow the way you find it tasty.

2. Moong Pancake/Dosa

Mung Bean Pancakes High Protein healthy Recipe

This is extremely tasty and hardly takes any time to make. Moong daal needs to be soaked overnight. Moong Pancake with tomato or peanuts chutney is a great breakfast for vegetarians. Check out Moong Pancake recipe here and peanut chutney recipe here.

3. Moong Salad

low carb moog daal salad

Ooh yess, this is my favourite :). Whenever I am short of time(read always), I soak moong in the morning and steam it in salt water in a pressure cooker for dinner. You can microwave also. Add cucumber, onion , tomato an lemon juice. Its insanely yummmm :D, detailed post here. You can also add steamed moong to your vegetable salad.

4. Moong Bhel

In the above salad, add murmura to make yummy bhel. This reduces the quantity of murmura in the bhel. Do not add any farsaan or bhujia.

5. Moong Soup

This is a watery moong daal with normal onion and tomato tadka. Watery daal or soup makes sure that your carbs are in check and water fills your tummy. Add little bit of ghee or butter in your bown and you will be soon full and satiated.

6. Moong Khichdi

Replace yellow moong daal that you normally use for making khichdi, with whole green moong daal. Use brown rice to keep carbs in check.

 7. Moong Pakodas

This is one of the healthies pakodas possible. I don’t make them but have tasted this recipe at friend’s place. Steam the moong and make a paste. Add besan, green chilli, onions , salt and other masalas. Make bowls and deep fry. This may not be suitable for low carbers, once in a while when you wish to indulge, go for it.

8. High Protein Moong Rice

Rice with soyabean chunks, onion, peas, tomato, n sprout/moong is a high protein rice dish you can try. Use brown rice if you can. This is again, not meant for daily low carbing.

The first six recipes are my favorite, although most of the times , I end up having moong salad 😀 . In a Gujarati restaurant, I noticed a moong dish with curd and rice, don’t know what its called though ? Do you know ?

If you have any more healthy moong recipes, please share !



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