8 Ways To Tone Your Arms Without Weights


8 Ways To Tone Your Arms Without Weights

We are so busy with life. With family, career, friends, etc., it’s difficult to hit the gym too and not everyone is comfortable with gym. Fortunately, without going to gym, we still can lose arm fat and get toned arms and that too without weights. Here are few arm exercises that doesn’t require any weight.

1. Arm Circles:


Arm circles targets triceps, biceps, and shoulders.

1. Stand straight and extend your arms out to your sides at 90 degrees to your body or parallel to the floor.

2. Make small and fast circles in the forward direction. Do as many rotations as possible.

3. Now do the same in reverse direction as many as possible.

4. Take a small break and repeat this for two more times.

5. You can do this by sitting on a chair but make sure your feet are flat on the floor and your back is straight. You’ll be able to do more if you keep your abdominal muscled pulled in tightly.

2. Tricep Dip:

arms no weight exercise

1. Sit on a chair, hold the edge of the seat and stretch your legs in the forward direction.

2. Let your body move forward such a way that the feet are flat, you bend your arms behind you and your body is above the ground.

3. Use your triceps to raise and lower your body slowly. Do this for 15 times.

3. Inverted Row:

arms no weight exercise.1

It targets your biceps.

1. For this, you need to lie on the ground and you should have something to grab within your reach. You can lie under a table or a chair.

2. Hold the edge of the table or the chair and pull your body upwards from the ground. Stay in that position for few seconds and lower down your body slowly.

3. While doing this make sure your body is straight all the way. Do as many as you can continuously. Take a break and repeat again. Do at least 3 sets.

4. Push Up:

no weight arms ecercise.jpg 2

Proper alignment of body is must for this.

1. Your body should lay parallel to the ground with feet together and toes pointing downwards. Put your hands shoulder width apart. Your back and hips should be flat.

2. You need to maintain this alignment while you do pushups. You are using your hands to lift your body up and then lower down slowly. Do as many as you can.

3. If it’s still difficult for you, you can keep the knees down with weight on the thighs.

5. Pull Ups:

no weight arms ecercise.3

Pull ups strengthen muscles in the arms, shoulders, chest and sides of the back. However, since pull ups are difficult, you may need to take help.

1. Place your hands at shoulder width apart from each other on the horizontal bar.

2. Raise your entire body upwards till your chin is above the horizontal bar level.

3. Now slowly lower down your body downwards. Repeat it as many times as you can.

6. Plank:

no weight arms ecercise.4

Plank is a part of surya namaskaras or sun salutations in yoga.

1. You have to put your body horizontally on the ground but at 30 degrees or more.

2. Your wrists should be under the shoulders and your back should be straight.

3. You can lower your elbow to the ground and clasp both your hands together or just lay your arms and hands on the ground flatly.

4. You need to stay in this position as much as possible.

7. Downward Dog:

no weight arms ecercise.5 jpg

Downward dog is yet another sun salutation pose which tones the arms.

1. You need to form a reverse V shape as in the image. Put your feet and hands flat on the ground. Your spine should be straight following downwards with hips pressed back.

2. With the help of your hands, push your body weight towards your heels.

3. Stay in this position for some time or as much as you can.

8. Handstands and Headstands:


Both these are related to balancing your body. Upper arm strength is required to keep your body upside down and in perfect alignment. You may or may not require the help of a wall for this. Those who are quite new for this you’ll need a wall for support.

1. For headstand position, crouch down near a wall and clasp your hands with your elbows about shoulder width apart from each other.

2. You are going to position your head between your heads.

3. Lift both the legs at a time against the wall.

4. For headstand position, you are going to put hands on the floor with shoulder width apart from each other.

5. Lift both the legs together against the wall. Your elbows should be straight all the time.

6. Stay in headstand/ handstand position for few minutes and come back to the normal position by putting one leg down followed by the other.

Without using weights, if you do these exercises three times to four times a week with a healthy diet, you can achieve long and lean arms for sure. This will take time and commitment but these definitely work well.

Will you be able to do these no weight arm exercises easily?

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