9 Easy Yoga-Inspired Changes For A Healthier Life


Here Are 9 Easy Yoga-Inspired Changes For A Healthier Life

Leading a life laid down by Yoga gurus has many advantages of its own. When we hear yoga we immediately jump to conclusions ranging from difficult positions, impossible to imply practically or weight loss. However, the Shastra of Yoga is much more than that. In fact, people living a yogic life always have the upper hand over those who don’t. Those people experience a peaceful harmony among then mind, body and soul and hence are able to make the most effective use of their organs; they are able to derive more from their share of 24 hours.

The thought that Yogic mechanisms cannot be adopted in practical life is a myth we are going to break today with these nine easy yoga-inspired changes that will make your life healthier.

  • Rise with the sun and meditate
    Considered satwik in Yoga, the early morning period is the tranquil time of the day. Free from any outside disturbance the body is able to heal better and provides a peaceful environment. Also, the rays of the rising sun help lower stress and freshens one’s mind and soul.


  • Reward yourself with small massages
    After going through the morning rituals- brushing and peeing- massage yourself with an oil that is suitable for your body and the weather. For instance, coconut oil is ideal during summers, while sesame oil goes with the winter weather.

  • Exercise
    A fit body is a secret to a healthy mind, and this is completely true. Now this exercise doesn’t have to be rigorous, rather can be some sport you like such as basketball or swimming or even yoga. Not only will this provide fitness but energy to keep you going through the day.


  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…..
    Eating a healthy breakfast help, you maintain our glucose level and provides a bounce in your step; with all the zest and energy a healthy yogic breakfast provides all your work will be carried out with better efficiency. A yogic breakfast can comprise of nuts, cereal, fruits or freshly squeezed seasonal fruit juice, lentils or bean sprouts, milk,idlis, stuffed roti and more.


  • but don’t skip lunch
    As much as a healthy, food start to your day is important, the meal during the day is also indispensable. It can be heavy or light although a light lunch of moong dal khichdi alongside curd and papad would be ideal. What would also be ideal is dal, a green vegetable, mint chutney and roti or rice with curd or chaas seasoned with roasted cumin and rock salt.


  • Keep snacks healthy
    If we didn’t make it obvious yet, we are now: FOOD IS ESSENTIAL. That too healthy food.
    Now we tend to have unhealthy snacks throughout our day out: at the office while shopping… which is a bad habit. Apart from the three meals a day, eating two healthy snacks is also important. Fruits, yoghurt, dried fruits, sprouts salad and nuts make for nutritious and filling snack.


  • Spend some quality time with yourself
    he Veda says that evenings should consist of ‘me time’ wherein you light incense sticks at home and either pray, meditate or chant religious hymns.Unlike older times, these practices are no more done routinely but they provide an insight into oneself and thus reduce stress and elevate your mood considerably. In fact, the salt should be consumed last by 7 p.m.


  • Finish the last meal early
    Eating dinner early promotes better digestion, restful sleep and weight loss. After sunset, our digestion system slows down and hence the last meal of the day should be light, preferably vegetable soup, lentil soup and rice and dal and roti etc. Food unless home food should be avoided at any cost.



  • Establish Sleep Rituals
    Sleep rituals are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Even pampering nightly rituals such as hot shower, aromatic oil massages, and a light foot rub could prove wondrous. Not only do they remove the ickiness of the day but promote a restful and peaceful sleep.


Hope this post on 9 Easy Yoga-Inspired Changes was useful!

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