9 Herbs That Help Weight Gain


9 Herbs that help weight gain

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There is a lot of hullabaloo about weight loss. Everybody wants to lose weight!! People don’t realize that there are a few other people in this world who want to gain weight. You would have met at least someone who is on the skinny side and wants to gain weight badly. In this world of dieters and want-to- get-slim people, the sound of want-to-get a little fat individuals is suppressed. I empathize with such people because I have had a tough time battling with my own low weight.

So, what do these people who want to put on weight resort to? They indulge in eating junk food that just results in fat gain and makes them unhealthy.

A million dollar question- why some people are skinny?

People are skinny because of certain reasons like-

Are you yearning for weight gain in a healthy manner? This post is especially for you. You can gain weight by adding a few herbs into your diet.

1) Chamomile

chamomile for weight gain

Chamomile is well known for its appetite increasing properties. You can improve your appetite by consuming it daily. You can witness changes by consuming chamomile and its extracts. It can be enjoyed as a cup of tea! Chamomile tea has a lot of other health benefits too. Make sure that it suits you if you have an existing health trouble before making it a part of your daily life.

2) Blessed Thistle

blessed thistle for weight gain

Blessed Thistle is another herb that has often been used in bitter tonics and is well known in increasing appetite and improving digestion. This way it can help people put on weight.

3) Gentian

gentian root for weight gain

Gentian flower is called ‘kirat’ in Hindi. Gentian root is a bitter herb that is being used to treat people who suffer from lack of appetite and unwanted loss of weight. It aids in the absorption of food in the right manner. It also increases gastric sensations and the flow of bile.

4) Dandelion Root


The flower dandelion is called ‘sinhaparni’ in Hindi. Dandelion root is a wonderful herbal supplement. It increases appetite and promotes weight gain. It contains several nutrients too that make it a good weight gain option.

5) Chen Pi

Chen pi for weight gain

Chen Pi is basically a dried citrus peel supplement (the peel of Mandarin orange) that improves the digestive system and increases one’s appetite. It is used to treat dyspepsia and has also been used a relaxant. It stimulates the appetite and increases the natural secretions of the body.

6) Ginger

Ginger weight loss

Ginger is considered to be very good to treat digestive troubles like an upset stomach and nausea. It works well on those who have a poor appetite. It is known to warm the digestive tract.

7) Custard Apple

custard apple for weight gain

Custard Apple is an excellent fruit that helps in weight gain. It has a cooling impact on the body and it brings down the body heat in a short span of time. It helps weight gain and is known to work against anorexia.

8) Licorice

licorice mulethi weight gain

Licorice or Yashtimadhu is the more commonly known as mulethi in Hindi. It is a natural supplement that helps in gaining weight. It is the best for those with a weak immune system.


ashwagandha for weight gain

Ashwagandha, the popular Indian herb heals fatigue, stress, lack of energy,strain, lack of appetite. If taken along with a healthy and nutritious diet, it can help in weight gain.

Please do check with your doctor before including any herb in your diet.

All set to gain weight with the above herbs?

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