9 Reasons Of Bloating You Never Knew


9 Reasons Of Bloating You Never Knew

Bloating is one of the common phenomenon, many individuals experience at some time or the other. It is not a disease but actually depends on the way we consume our food which tends to produce a heavy feeling inside the tummy which is attributed to cause Bloating.

How To Control Bloating

Bloating is caused by certain things about which we will discuss here in detail.

1. Eating Too Fast-

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I am sure your elders must have  advised you not to eat too fast, when you tend to gobble up the food down your throat without chewing it properly. Well this is one of the most common reasons that you feel bloating as the food doesn’t gets chewed properly and it takes quite a while to breakdown inside the stomach which causes instant bloating.

2. Eating Raw Vegetables-

There are some raw vegetables which are known to cause bloating like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli. So it is advised to properly cook or boil these veggies to make them easy to digest and prevent bloating. Legumes like sprouts, beans etc are also known to cause serious boating in many individuals.

3. Eating More at a time-

There are some people who eat two meals a day and when they do that they certainly over-eat both the times, which is another potential reason to cause bloating in them as they always feel a kind of heavy & filled up tummy. The food tends to slowly breakdown and digest at a slower rate which makes bloating quite obvious.

4. Artificial Sweetening Products-

It is also commonly observed in people who consume artificial sweetener rich drinks or food tend to suffer with bloating issues.

5. Including more quantities of Legumes-

This is commonly seen that leguminous foods  like kidney beans, lentils & peas cause bloating on consumption. So try to lower the consumption of these foods, if you constantly suffer from bloating issues in the stomach.

6. Limited Physical Activity-

Bloating also cause when there is no physical movement after eating meals. Like you have dinner or lunch and just go to sleep or sit for many hours at a stretch. This will increase the efforts put by the digestive system in digesting the food easily, thereby causing bloating for many hours until food is digested properly.

7. Drinking Water during eating-

This is most common cause of bloating when people tend to drink water even while eating and they do this quite often. This affects the the salivary digestive process a lot and water obstructs the proper functioning of the bowel juices which are secreted for digesting food in the stomach. That is why it is advised to drink water at least after 30 minutes of eating food!

8. Carbonated Drinks-

Well, it is rightly said that carbonated drinks are nothing but sweetened water with gas diffused so when you drink that, you surely know from where the bloating feeling is coming!

9. Eating Habits-

The main culprits which cause bloating are the incorrect eating habits people are used to these days. Like eating while walking, drinking too mach water while eating, eating too fast, drinking liquids with a straw, sitting and doing nothing etc. are common reasons for bloating. So to get rid of the constant “full” feel in the tummy, one needs to check the right habits for eating food.

Bloating can be easily prevented by following proper habits like properly chewing food, drinking water after 30 minutes of eating food, walking for at least 15-20 minutes after eating meals. Cutting down the intake of certain foods like starchy or uncooked vegetables and drinks will eventually help in relieving yourself from causing bloating.

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