9 Tell Tale Signals You Are Gaining Weight


9 Tell Tale Signals You Are Gaining Weight

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Weight gain seems like a nightmare for those who are already on the heavier side. At times slow and steady weight gain goes unnoticed. The tell-tale signs of piling on kilos are not heeded till you step on the weighing scale and after that it appears as if hell has broken loose! So, for your benefit here are a few signs that will tell you that you have gained weight:

1) You feel tired

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If day to day tasks like cooking and going to the grocer’s are exhausting you, you are most probably gaining extra kilos. When you have excess fat in the body, it can lead to inflammation which results in fatigue and feelings of getting exhausted. To know more about anti-inflammatory foods click here!

2) Constant hunger

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Constant cravings for desserts and sweets and an increase in appetite can be a symptom of weight gain. Too much body weight can make you feel stressed out and kind of depressed. This releases a stress hormone called cortisol. Due to the hormone there is an increase in your appetite.

3) Having a high blood pressure

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Having a raised blood pressure is a clear indication of weight gain. The American Heart Association conducted a study and found that high blood pressure in healthy adults can be a result of weight gain in the abdominal area. So, if you have a raised blood pressure, do check if you have gained weight!

4) Increase in the circumference of your waist


If your favourite pair of jeans doesn’t fit you anymore, you have to agree that you have piled on weight! You might try hard to pull and tug it up but in vain! 😛 As you start gaining weight, the fat first appears around your belly and hips. Research says that those who sit in the office the whole day tend to gain weight around the waist initially. The sad part is that most of us have a sedentary lifestyle these days 🙁 We lack physical activity.

5) Pain in the knees and back


When your joints start hurting, it is an alert from your body that it is time to shed a few kilos! Too much fat can put pressure on your joints causing pain and inflammation. This sign is usually seen in the elderly who are overweight. You should make it a point to maintain an ideal body weight so that you don’t end up suffering from such signs.

6) Getting breathless

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When a short walk or climbing a few steps is getting you breathless, it is an obvious sign of weight gain. Excess weight can get your cardiovascular system stressed out, making it difficult for the heart to supply sufficient oxygen to the body. This makes you breathless.

7) Snoring at night

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Snoring at night and not being able to get proper sleep can be a sign of sleep apnea. It is a condition where irregularity in breathing can affect your sleep. Excess body weight can be the reason behind this health problem.

8) Appearance of stretch marks

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Too much fat can result in the tissue under your skin to stretch. Some people get stretch marks even with a little gain weight but there are a few lucky ones who have elastic skin that is able to resist the stretching.

9) Having sore feet

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Your feet have been carrying your weight all your life. If you observe any swelling or soreness in your feet, it is a sign of weight gain. The swelling is due to the build up of fluid in the tissues that usually collects in the feet.

Any of the above signs mean that you are gaining weight. So, it is time to eat right and exercise right!

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