9 Things To Do In The Kitchen To Lose Weight


9 things to do in the kitchen to lose weight

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The most important place of your house is the kitchen. It also the most frequently visited place of your house!! While visiting the kitchen umpteen times a day, you may at least once be lured to eat that big pack of chips. So, here are some practical tips that would help you in your weight loss journey.

  1. Keep fruits and veggies accessible:

Don’t you feel that it is out of laziness that you grab a packet of processed junk instead of fruits and veggies? Come on, spare sometime. You need to wash, cut and store fruits and veggies like melon, kiwi, strawberries, carrots, radishes in containers and keep them in the fridge. This will make them easy to grab when you are hungry. The trick is to keep them at eye level so they are the first thing you see when you open the fridge. So the next time you are tempted to eat a packet of chips, just open the fridge!

  1. Prepare a large container of salad:

raw veggies

Eating a salad prior to your meal is a good way to fill your belly partially. But I know you are lazy to prepare it each day as it is time consuming. What you can do is cut lots of veggies in advance (probably Sunday) and keep them ready in the fridge in a large container. So every evening just take out how much you need and keep the remaining back. Add you favourite salad dressing and enjoy. Simple 😉

  1. Keep measuring cups and spoons on the counter:

In order to keep your portions in check you need to keep measuring spoons and cups ready. Keeping them on counter will ensure that you don’t forget to use it. Portion control goes a long way in controlling weight.

  1. Prepare snack packs:

What happens when you have a jumbo pack of fries in your hand? You most probably polish of the entire pack. Instead of letting yourself do so make smaller packets of your favourite and healthy snacks. It can be mixed nuts, dried fruits or popcorn. Just make 100 to 150 calorie mini packs of them and keep in your kitchen cupboard. Doing this will ensure that you don’t exceed your calorie budget.

  1. Freeze fruits and veggies:

You can steam chopped carrots and beans and then freeze them. Whenever you need just open the freezer and make your whole wheat pasta, poha and dalia more nutritious. You can add them to soups and omelets too. You can easily keep them in your freezer for a while. The same goes for fruits like berries that can be frozen for being used in smoothies later.

  1. Leave out the unhealthy foods:

You have your favourite brands when it comes to snacks. You relish each bite but your weight loss goal does not. What to do? How can you avoid your urge to have a mouthful of it? It is simple. Don’t buy and stock it up in your kitchen! If it is not there in your kitchen, chances are that you won’t get tempted to eat it.

  1. Use smaller-sized plates:

kitchen tools small plate

This is a good way of controlling food portions. The smaller the plate size, the smaller will be your portion size. This helps you consume lesser calories.

  1. Double the quantity:

If you are a busy bee it would be better if you make extra quantities of foods like soup, stir fry etc. Whatever is left can be kept in the fridge and can be consumed the next day(of course you need to microwave it later). This will prevent you from resorting to unhealthy stuff during meals.

  1. Before you sit down to eat, put your food away:

Made yourself your favourite and healthy dish! Great! Now take a quantity of it that you can eat (keeping portion control I mind) and place it on the dining table. Next, whatever is left should be placed in the fridge. Such a practice will prevent your urge to go in for second helpings. If it out of you sight you won’t be tempted.

I hope these tips are useful and make your weight loss journey a lot more easier.

So these were the 9 things to do in the kitchen to lose weight.

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