9 Ways To Workout With Your Pet


9 Ways To Workout With Your Pet

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Your best friend didn’t turn up for the workout you had planned together? No problem, you can still have company. Ever wondered that your pet can be an awesome workout buddy! May sound funny but you can get good results while working out with your dog. It will not only be helpful for you but also for your pet as he will stay fit too. Here are some workout moves that you can do with your pet. It would be good if your pet is a dog as you cannot work out with a parrot!

A good workout buddy-your pet

No 1: Walking

Take your dog out for a walk after you come back from a tiring day at work. Walking is the easiest form of exercise that will make your heart stronger, give you more energy and keep your blood pressure under check. Walking regularly will help in keeping your pet active and fresh. Begin slowly, cover a moderate distance, once your pet is used to it try increasing the distance.

No 2: Fetch the ball

This move is good to tone your tummy and make your pet happy at the same time. Hold a ball and sit down on the floor in the position of a sit-up. Pretend to throw the ball as you get up. You pet will run after it till he realizes that the ball is with you. Repeat the sit-ups till your dog supports your tricks.

A good workout buddy-your pet pushups

No 3: Pet squats

This workout will help in toning your butt and thighs. Stand with your feet a shoulder distance apart. Squat and tease your pet with a ball. Rise and bring the ball above your head and make your dog jump to grab it.

No 4: Dance with your pet

If you or your workout buddy (your pet) is not in the mood to exercise, then you can dance to the tune of your favourite song! Make sure the music has the needed thump in it. It will be amusing to see your pet do some great moves! It will be like spending some quality time with your pet. Dance is one of the best forms of aerobic workout that burns calories, helps lowering blood pressure and improving muscle tone.

No 5: Swim

Make your pet your swimming buddy! Dogs are wonderful swimmers. Swimming being the best form of workout will help in toning your muscles and increasing stamina. Make sure your dog enjoys it!

No. 6: Skipping the rope

Pick up the skipping rope and start skipping in an open space. It burns calories, lowers blood pressure and is good for weight loss.

No.7: Play football

If you love football but have nobody to play with, make your dog your opponent. Kick the ball towards him n he will push it back towards you with his nose or paws. This way you can stay energized.

No.8: Running race

Throw a ball a little far and run along the dog to fetch it. It will be a competition as to who will reach first because you have a partner, and that too a very determined one; what if he is a dog? This workout will give you gym like benefits.

No.9: Climb stairs

You have to use the stairs for this. Stand with your pet at the starting point and run till the end. Again run back to the starting point. Keep doing as much as you can but make sure that your pet is not overworked.

Ready to workout with your work out buddy?

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