9 Yoga Poses To Fight Back Bulge


9 Yoga Poses To Fight Back Bulge

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Fed up of your back bulge? The disheartening thing is that there is no magical exercise to get rid of it! You have to do cardio in order to decrease overall percentage of body fat to see the difference. Nevertheless, it is important to tone and strengthen the muscles of your back. To target such areas of the back there are 9 Yoga poses.

1) Side Fierce

side fierce yoga pose

  • Stand with the feet together. On inhaling bend the knees and lower the hips while raising the arms overhead, get into the fierce pose. While exhaling, cross the right elbow over to the left knee. Press palms of your hands together and push the bottom elbow against the thigh to lift and rotate the chest up, increasing the twist. Pull the right hip back slightly, ensuring that both the knees are parallel.
  • Hold the side fierce pose for 5 breaths, then inhale while pressing your feet and lifting your upper body, rise back to the fierce pose. On exhaling, cross the left elbow over the right knee. Hold the pose on this side for another 5 breaths.

2) Warrior 3

warrior 3 yoga pose to burn back fat

Stand on the mat, keeping both your feet together. Shift the weight of your body to your left leg and kick the right leg behind you, balancing with the upper body parallel to the floor. You can either keep arms extended straight out in the front or keep them as kept in eagle pose.

Try to bring your navel towards the spine and hold the warrior 3 pose for 5 breaths.

3) Half Moon

Half Moon Pose yoga for flat abs

  • Begin by getting into the downward facing dog pose. Place your right foot forward between the hands and rise up getting into the warrior 1 pose. Open your hips, arms and chest doing the warrior 2 pose.
  • Placing you left hand on your left hip, stretch your right arm out. Shift your body weight to the right foot and lift the left foot up. Plant the right hand palm on the ground (under the shoulder). Bend the right knee .
  • Try distributing your weight in an even manner between the right hand and foot. Look at the ground below and bring the left arm straight up. When ready, gaze at your left hand.
  • Hold position for 5 breaths and then switch sides.

4) Straight-Arm Triangle

straight arm triangle-yoga for back fat

  • From the Downward Dog pose, step the right foot forward, rising into Warrior 1 pose. Straighten out your right leg and extend your right arm as far as possible past the right feet toes. Lower your right hand to the floor in front of your right shin.
  • Shift body weight to the heels, stacking your shoulders, extending the upper arm over the ear so that it is parallel to the floor get into the Straight Arm Triangle pose.
  • Try extending through both sides of your ribs in an equal manner, drawing your navel towards the spine.
  • Hold the pose for 5 deep breaths. Rise and repeat the same on the left side.

5) Side plank

side plank yoga for flat abs

  • Get into the Downward Facing Dog position. Bring your feet together and move the right hand over the left so that it is at the mat’s top centre.
  • Roll onto the right side and plant the right heel down, balancing on the right flexed foot. Keep your left arm straight above.
  • For 5 deep breaths stay in this position, keeping your core strong and pose steady. Repeat the same pose on the left side.

6) Dolphin plank

dolphin plank burn back fat

  • From down dog pose, come onto all fours and bring your feet backwards. Your body should form a straight line where your shoulders should be directly above the elbows.
  • Hold this Dolphin Plank pose for 5 breaths.

7) Bow

hot yoga for rapid weight loss dhanurasana

  • Lie tummy down, pressing your navel into the floor. Bending your knees, reach out for the right ankle and then the left ankle. Keep the feet flexed.
  • After holding each ankle firmly, inhale to raise the feet and thighs as high as possible. Shift weight forward so that you are not resting on the pubic bone but on the navel.

8) Locust

locust yoga for back bulges

  • Lie tummy down with legs together. Place arms on the side with palms facing up. Lift the legs, head and torso from the floor while inhaling. Keep hands on the floor for support.
  • Stay in the locust pose for 5 breaths and then release pose.

9) Wheel

wheel pose for back bulges

  • Lie down facing up, bend the knees and place the feet flat on the floor. Bending the elbows place your palms on the ground above the shoulders with fingertips towards your feet.
  • Inhale and press the palms and raise your head, shoulders and hips from the ground. This is the wheel pose. Hold it for 5 deep breaths.

Will you do the 9 Yoga Poses To Fight Back Bulge?

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