About Us

Is it a coincidence that we met or you looked for us?

Something tells us that you are looking for some valid and effective information related to weight loss, fitness and health. Right!

Not so very long ago we, Tarunpreet and Kanan were also like you, searching answers for our health, fitness and weight issues online and got so fed up of wasting time that we decided to create Indian Weight Loss Blog the best one-stop online resource for everyone struggling to lead a better and healthier life.

Indian Weight Loss Blog aka IWB shares practical, fact-checked and usable knowledge through a vast sea of interesting content which promises something for everyone. If you are looking for some effective and ‘doable’ free diet plans, you are at the right spot. Ah! Just in case you are curious… No, we don’t believe in fat shaming? We respect the ultimate state of being healthy at all sizes and shapes. Thanks for stopping by. Explore, enjoy and stay healthy.
Kanan Gautam
Kanan lost 30 kgs in her late 40s’ and that too without any professional help! She shared her weight loss journey on IWB as a guest author and there has been no turning back since then despite her various age related health issues. Well, Kanan believes that there is no one definition of ‘perfect’ and that one must live life as it comes. Frustrated after not finding all the relevant weight loss help at one place, Kanan realized her dream is to assist all those struggling with their weight loss and fitness worries and this is what keeps her going on fitnessvsweightloss. In order to strengthen her stance from being just someone who runs a blog to being someone who delivers results to her clientele, Kanan successfully completed a Nutrition course from Wageningen University, The Netherlands at the age of 50 (but who’s counting?). Her efforts are now reaping benefits in the success stories of her clients with their ever busy lifestyle, opting for Customized Meal Plans. Well, we’ll keep it simple and say that at the age of 53, Kanan is a force to be reckoned with. You can follow her, here 🙂