Top 10 Acidity Causing Foods


Acidity Causing Foods

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The burning sensation in the chest caused when the stomach acid moves upwards in the esophagus is called acidity. Do you suffer from acidity often? You are not alone; a lot of people have this problem.

Maybe your choice of foods is the reason behind your acidity. You should be avoiding certain foods that trigger acidity.

Acidity Causing Foods

1) Spicy food

woman-chilli-healthy or harmful

Foods packed with pepper, chilli and other spices are highly acidic. Foods with a lot of garam masala, pickles, spicy sauces and chutneys fall in this category. If your acidity is aggravating due to these foods, it is advisable to avoid them.

2) Chocolate


dark chocolate

Sorry chocolate lovers; your favourite food is a threat when you talk of acidity as it has caffeine, cocoa and fat. All the three are the perfect recipe for disaster as they cause acidity. In comparison to milk chocolate, dark chocolate is slightly less acidic. This means you can still have a bit of dark chocolate!

3) Soft drinks

Are sugary drinks bad for health-soft drinks

Soft drinks have an excessive amount of acidic agents along with carbonated bubbles. These bubbles expand in the belly and with the increased pressure, the acid in the stomach moves upwards in the esophagus. In a study involving 15,000 people, it has been found that 25 percent of the people suffered from acidity at night as they drank fizzy soft drinks for dinner.

4) Fried foods

Foods Which Make You Fat french fries

Deep fried foods are the main cause of heartburn. Being high in fat they stay in the stomach for long and make the stomach produce more amount of acid. This irritates the digestive system. So, avoid fried foods.

5) Cookies and brownies

gluten free cake slice

Sugary and baked delicacies and processed goods are the chief cause for acidity. Both refined flour and refined sugar can make an acidic environment in your body. The added flavours, colours and preservatives are or not good for you either.

6) Alcohol

alcohol party

Liquor, beer and wine are acidic. You are bound to have acidity if you pair them with other acidic foods from the list above. Even other alcohols can cause heartburn in spite of the fact that they are less acidic. You see, alcohol relaxes the valve at the bottom of the esophagus making the stomach aid to splash upwards.

7) Cheese and butter

Mozzarella cheese- 4 Famous Types Of Cheeses

Just like fries stuff, cheese and butter have a high content of fat. This will make it take a longer time in getting digested and thus more acid will be produced by the stomach.

8) Nuts


Nuts are high on healthy fats such as omega 3. Even though they are healthy, they are fats and fats are known to cause acidity.

9) Pork, beef and lamb

plan your protein red meat

Such meats have a high fat content and therefore cause acidity. It would be wiser to go in for lean meats like fish and chicken instead.

10) Coffee and tea

Ways for Eating Healthy While Eating Out coffee

Having a cup or two of coffee or tea every day is okay but when you drink caffeine the whole day, it can cause acidity. It would be better to replace your 3rd cup of tea with a herbal tea.

How to get rid of acidity?

Benefits Of Drinking Tender Coconut Water

If you feel heartburn, it would be a good idea to have a glass of nimbu paani or lemon juice in a glass of water. Drinking tender coconut water also treats acidity. Other foods good for treating acidity are apples, cucumbers, watermelons and bananas. Drinking a glass of buttermilk is also good. You can have curd too.

Hope this post on acidity causing foods has been useful!

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