Active Vs Passive Smoking-Why They Are Equally Dangerous?

Passive Smoke
Passive Smoke

Active Vs Passive Smoking-Why They Are Equally Dangerous?

You do not smoke because it isn’t good for your health but this isn’t really protecting you. You are still exposing to second hand or passive smoke which increases the risk of heart stroke by 30% as per a study. This passive smoking is as dangerous as active smoking and is causing about 6,00,000 deaths every year.

Passive Smoking

 There are factors like diabetes, high BP or hypertension and heart disease which is highly affecting health even after adjusting with this passive smoke and 30% of the risk has remained for nonsmokers as per a study. According to it there is a possibility for adverse effects on the health like heart stroke among nonsmokers and so the researchers support strict smoking regulations.

This study had almost 22,000 participants and 23% reported exposure to passive smoke. About 428 strokes were reported and most of them were due to blockage of blood flow to the brain and thus proves that the main cause is the exposure to the passive smoke.

Few Facts:

Below are few facts about passive smoking you need to know.

Tobacco Products

  1. This smoke fills the offices, restaurants and other places when people smoke tobacco products like cigarettes, water pipes, bidis, etc. and everyone in that area smokes the same.
  2. As per WHO, “there is no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke”. In order to create safe environment for people, there is only one way and that is to create 100% smoke free environment.
  3. This smoke is resulting in 6,00,000 deaths every year. More than 4000 chemicals can be found in this smoke of which about 250 chemicals are known as harmful chemicals and more than 50 are carcinogenic.
  4. The smoke can cause serious cardiovascular and respiratory diseases in adults. This also includes lung cancer and coronary heart disease. Low birth weight of babies is detected in pregnant women due to this.
  5. Even if the ventilated smoking area can’t stop the smoke to transfer to the non-smoking areas. Only if the environment is 100% smoke free, the people are safe.
  6. Almost 40% of the children are getting exposed to passive smoke regularly. Among children about 31% deaths are due to this smoke.
  7. Young people exposed to this smoke at home are almost 2 times more likely to start smoking compared to those not exposed.
  8. Of the economic costs about 10% is related to cigarette usage and are attributable to passive smoke. Tobacco usage affects both direct and indirect economic costs on the society. Direct includes that for treatment of tobacco related health problems and indirect includes those with reduced productivity due to deaths.
  9. Smoke free laws are unable to protect almost 94% of the population.
  10. The package, MPOWER is the tobacco control package through which WHO helps all the countries in implementing the provisions of WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco control in order to protect people from passive smoke.

Passive Smoke

Thus passive smoking is as harmful as active smoking. It has many adverse effects on health of both the smoker and those around breathing the second hand smoke or passive smoke. Even though people are making sure not to smoke for the sake of health, due to active smokers, nonsmokers are unwillingly becoming passive smokers. For the sake of others it is highly recommended to keep your environment smoke free.

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