Actress Salma Hayek’s Fitness Secrets


Salma Hayek’s Fitness Secrets

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Salma Hayek, Hollywood’s Latin actress has a figure to die for! She has an enviable hourglass figure, a very typical 36-24-36 one. Even at this age she is able to maintain herself so well. By the way she is 48 years old. Will you believe it? And she is a mom too! Want to know her fitness secrets? Read on!

Salma Hayek fitness secrets

The actress is a busy bee but still manages to keep herself in shape. She admits that she is not a skinny girl. She feels that she is at the limit of chubbiness at most times. Revealing her secret she says that you should weight yourself each and every day and set up a number called an ‘alarm number’. As soon as you reach that number, you need to take control of your food intake. Salma says that whenever she hits that ‘alert number’ she stays away from food that is too rich and also from wine.

Everybody has at least one weakness and Salma’s weakness is food!! Salma happens to be in love with food and red wine and lives in a place like France where there is no dearth of good food!! This makes it a bit difficult! 😛

Salma-Hayek fitness secrets 2

Salma Hayek’s workouts

Talking about workouts, Salma Hayek reveals that it is easier for her to handle her exercise routine if she is at home, it only gets difficult when she has to go out of town for her shooting. Things get a bit complicated, well it is the same for most of the stars. They literally juggle shoots, fitness and family! Salma does Pilates every week when she is in Los Angeles. In France, she has an awesome instructor who teaches a combination of Yoga and Pilates. Doesn’t it sound absolutely amazing that Yoga, a part of our culture, is behind the fitness of the actors of the western countries?

Her fitness trainer

Sara Shears had been training Salma Hayek for a quite some time. She is all praise for Salma! She says that the actress has a lot of drive in her and she puts in a lot of effort into her workouts. That is the main reason why the actress, at this age is in shape! When Salma worked out with her trainer Sara, they did things quite extensively. The place of workout hardly mattered whether it was home, at a hotel or on shooting locations. Sara used to train Salma for about 5 to 7 days a week on an average. Her workouts used to be short. They lasted just for half an hour but they were really intense. Salma did lots of kickboxing, dance type workouts along with strength training and ball work under her trainer. She was made to do cardio along with high intensity interval training that made her heart rate go up. Her trainer wanted to give the actress a good muscle definition to enhance the body Salma has been born with.

The star also detoxifies her body to bring a glow on her face. She uses the ‘Cooler Cleanse’ which also helps her lose weight. She says that it is essential to detoxify oneself because modern lifestyle brings in a lot of stress and toxins into our system and it is essential to get rid of them from time to time.

So, that was a glimpse of Salma Hayek!

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