Acupuncture For Weight Loss-How Does It work?


Acupuncture For Weight Loss-How Does It work?

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In America a quarter of the population is overweight. They are struggling to lose weight. What about India? People here too are struggling really hard to shed weight. You will find many who are overweight here. Obesity in India is like an epidemic affecting 5% of the Indian population. Due to rise in consumption of unhealthy and processed stuff the situation is worsening. Due to rise in income of middle class and upper middle class section of the society, the caloric intake is also on the rise. On one hand there are grave issues of malnutrition and on the other hand there is obesity! However, let us talk about obesity and how to get rid of it.

Acupuncture For Weight Loss-How does it work?

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Medical acupuncture can be helpful in weight loss. Acupuncture is all about insertion of sterile and very fine needles at specific points of the body called the energy pathways. The inserted needles are capable of stimulating the release of endorphins, which are the natural ‘feel good’ hormones of the body. This results in a calming and relaxing effect on the individual, which helps in counteracting the need for eating excessive food that is brought by frustration, stress or anxiety. This means that acupuncture can help calm down those who are affected by stress and anxiety and help in weight loss without the need of medication.

According to several studies, acupuncture when combined with traditional weight loss methods, is capable of helping people in losing weight. About one to three sessions of acupuncture are considered to be safe and effective in helping people lose weight.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

As per traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a belief that excessive weight gain is caused due to an imbalance in the body and that imbalance is due to the malfunction of the spleen and liver. Skilled practitioners of acupuncture zero in on specific areas of the body to induce weight loss. Among these are the kidneys and endocrine system, that are made to treat water retention, stimulate the nerves and maintain hormonal balance. The thyroid gland and the spleen are also targeted to bring in hormonal and sugar rebalancing. The adrenal and ovary glands are also taken into account in the treatment of weight gain. In some people acupuncture shows its effects really quick and treatments are required only every other week.

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There is another acupuncture practice in Chinese Medicine, which is called ear stapling. This method involves the manipulation of points on the ear in order to control food cravings. This kind of acupuncture has been successful in helping smokers and drug addicts get rid of their addiction. If done by a qualified acupuncturist, ear stapling can help people lose weight.

What studies say?

In one study it was found that ear acupuncture when combined with a 2000 calorie a day diet and a walk of 15 minutes helped in reducing weight. There were 20 obese women in the study and their ages were between 22 to 42. Half of them who received ear acupuncture of 15 minutes per week, lost an average of 10 pounds. Those who did not undergo the acupuncture session lost only 3 pounds. The women who underwent the acupuncture treatment had a decrease in appetite.

The bottom line

Though it is promising, it is essential to note that ear acupuncture treatments should be done by a qualified acupuncturist. These treatments can be combined with a healthy diet and apt physical workouts for best results. The point is that acupuncture should be looked upon as a support system and you should not fully depend on it for your weight loss.

It would be better to seek medical advice before starting any acupuncture treatments for losing weight.

Ready to go in for acupuncture for weight loss?

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