Adnan Sami’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey


Adnan Sami’s Inspiring Weight loss journey

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If you are overweight and wondering what to do then let me narrate to you the inspirational weight loss journey of the famous singer and music composer Adnan Sami. He was really obese a while back. He wasn’t even able to fit in the flight’s seat. He couldn’t walk at airports due to his weight and had to use a wheel chair. He even used a walking stick when he was dangerously obese as his knees couldn’t bear the weight of his body! So sad and grim his tale is! But hold right there as he stunned the world with his weight loss!! In a span of one year he lost a whooping 130 kilos. It is a feat I guess no can beat! So, here I go without much ado!

Adnan Sami's inspirational weight loss journey

Adnan Sami knew about the seriousness of obesity only after he met the nutritionist and signed for weight loss. He was asked questions like- what do you do when you are happy or sad? He replied that he ate during both situations! When he felt depressed he hogged, and then felt guilty and ate again. It was like a vicious cycle.

Adnan Sami’s diet


Tests were done to check his reaction to different foods. He was put on a no-rice, no-sugar, no-bread, no-oil diet. His diet had only high protein content in it. The first month of dieting was really difficult for him as he was experiencing withdrawal symptoms the way an addict does. But he never gave up snacking! However, his snacks were now recommended by his nutritionist. Instead of potato chips he was asked to eat butter free pop corn made at home. Diet fudge sticks and low cal ice-lollies replaced ice-cream. Adnam Sami found an entirely new world! So, whenever he craved for chips and ice-cream he found refuge in these healthier and low cal goodies and enabled him settle down with his new diet.

Exercises during the initial stage of the weight loss journey

After the initial stage, the weighing scale did all the talking as he started losing weight which was immensely encouraging for him! He was not exercising initially as he couldn’t do it. For the first two months it was just dieting along with minor walks. After losing 40 kilos, he started using the treadmill. He started feeling better as he could get up from the bed by himself (Yes, he needed help even to get up before). His sleep apnea started disappearing with the weight too.

How the mind controls the stomach?

Adnan Sami says that weight loss is 70% mental and only 30% physical. This shows that it is more of a mental task than a physical one. It is the mind that controls the stomach most of the times. Attending parties became a nightmare as they are usually just about eating and drinking. He used to sit through the party with a plain glass of water! Going to somebody’s place for dinner was even worse as they would keep offering him with food. He would just eat a bite and put away the rest! Immense mental ability was required to control the food intake at such times. 70% of the effort needed was mental.

Adnan Sami today!


Today, Adnan Sami can be looked upon as a fit person. He plays tennis and squash. He loves travelling now as he isn’t afraid of walking at the huge airports. He doesn’t need belt extensions in flights anymore! He is leading a normal life. He has seen tough times and experienced terrible things in life but all is well that ends well.

He says that those who are obese should consult the professionals as everybody’s body is different and it can react differently to things. Do consult the experts and sort out things. He also adds that if he can do it anyone can!

Isn’t Adnan Sami’s weight loss story inspiring?

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