Aerial Silk For Fitness


Aerial Silk for fitness

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Recently on the famous show ‘Comedy nights with Kapil’, Sushmita Sen had demonstrated aerial silk. It was for the first time that I had witnessed such a fitness session! She did it quite well :). She has brought this concept of aerial silk for fitness to India. It is intriguing and I am here to share its health benefits with you.

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Aerial silk involves a long fabric which is a two-way stretch polyester or nylon. It is strong enough and is doubled and suspended from the ceiling/top. This activity that is originally an acrobatic performance is now the in thing in the fitness circles.

Aerial Silk For Fitness

aerial silk

Manages weight

The aerial silk workout looks pretty effortless but a lot of physical work is involved in it. It is not just good for toning muscles; it allows significant burning of calories too. You can easily think of burning 300 and 400 calories per hour!!! With experience and expertise you can burn even more. It also increases muscle mass. You metabolic rate will also increase and you will burn calories even at rest. Perfect for weight loss and weight management!

Makes you physically fit

Aerial silk can increase muscle strength of limbs and also of the core. It is great for improving the strength of the upper body that is neglected by certain other forms of exercise. Strengthening is beyond the muscles, it is extended to tendons and ligaments. It improves flexibility and coordination. Aerial silk releases muscle tension. It helps the body in developing the right posture for sitting and standing.

In these activities the body weight is taken off the ground, so there are lesser chances of suffering from an injury when compared to exercises such as running. Let me give you an example of the intensity of this exercise. Turning yourself upside down once is equivalent to doing twenty sit-ups!!! So each time you turn upside down you are doing 20 sit-ups. Calculate that way and you will realize what a single session of aerial silk can do for you!!!

Stamina is increased, along with an increase in lung capacity. There is a fall in heart rate and blood pressure which indicate an increased fitness level.

Beneficial for mental health

The movements of aerial silk are graceful for the beholder at the same time they are calming for the person practicing them. Mood is lifted by performing aerial silk. It is thought to be linked with an increase in the oxygen supply to the brain due the deep breathing involved. This provides feelings of well being. It boosts self esteem as you are trusting yourself and working out at a height; it provides a sense of achievement. Hectic and mundane work schedules can lay a lot of stress on our lives. It is essential to ward off stress for overall wellbeing. Aerial silk does just that. Stress can be busted by performing aerial arts.

Keeping all the health benefits of aerial silk in mind, you should definitely go in for this rejuvenating way of working out. If you are stuck up with your current exercise routine and find it boring and monotonous, aerial silk can be a good escape. You won’t be able to find such a fun way to work out easily.

Ready for aerial silk for fitness?

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