After Dinner Walk For Weight Loss

After Dinner Walk For Weight Loss
After Dinner Walk For Weight Loss 1The rains are there with some tragedies along. The air is fresh with the refreshing smell of the wet mud. I love this season. There is so much that you want to eat in this season with tea and Samosa… Oops ! Did I mention Samosa … I am sure I have gained a kilo just by the mention of the word. Those carbs are such huge enemies of mine. 😛 These are the days when you must walk outdoors to enjoy nature. especially after the dinner. But then point is that is it okay to go for after dinner walk just after dinner or after a while? Then second is how much walk is needed after dinner. Here are some doubt clearing tips.
  • Walking immediately after eating is wrong as the digestive system needs extra blood to help digest the food that you ate. If you walk immediately , the blood goes to other organs, which is not good for digestion and absorption, as a result sometimes you might feel like vomiting & dizzy.
  • Before walking take at least 20 minutes break to start walking. For how long should you walk depends on what you have eaten. After a short rest, you can go for at least twenty minute light walking. This is the healthy way to walk after eating.

Why walk after dinner?

  • After Dinner Walk For Weight LossTaking a walk after dinner has a double benefit. One that it helps in digestion of food and second it helps the most in the weight loss journey of an individual. Once the digestion process gets triggered then it continues through the night helping in a bigger calorie burn and faster weight loss.
  • An after dinner walk helps in relaxing mind and body after a day’s hectic schedule. It can even help in decreasing symptoms of depression.
  • Increased muscular strength is another advantage with a better condition of lower back health.
  • A relaxing walk after dinner helps reduce hypertension and high blood pressure, increases good (HTL) cholesterol, helps decrease body fat also.
  • If you are a woman in your thirties then you must walk at night as this is the best way to help maintain and increase bone density.
  • The risk of Type II diabetes is also reduced after a minimum 20 – 30 minutes after meal walk at night.
  • If you are suffering a bad metabolism and weak immune system then you must walk after your night meal.

How to walk after dinner for weight loss?

According to rules you must NOT run after dinner as it can affect muscle health. Our body diverts as much as 25 percent of its blood flow to the digestive track right after eating. This can cause competition with muscles if you engage in high-intensity exercise, like jogging, right after eating. So to lose weight safely you must walk fast enough to make you feel alive and give up the lethargy caused by meals. Look for a moderate-intensity exercise that you enjoy and build it into your daily routine. This can help you lose weight. Walking at a regular time, every night after 15 to 20 minutes of having dinner, can increase your chances of sticking to your exercise plan on a long-term basis, which in turn can be the key to successful weight loss.

After Dinner Walk For Weight Loss chartSimple calculations about losing weight is that if you wish to lose half a kilo of fat, then you need to burn almost 3,500 calories. Generally speaking, a 1-mile walk burns about 100 calories, but you can lose more by walking faster or longer. To maximize fat-burning by walking you must walk at a pace of 3 to 4 miles per hour. You will need to walk minimum five days a week to achieve weight-loss results through walking after dinner.

How to motivate yourself to walk after dinner?

  • Put your lab test results showing your high blood sugar or triglycerides on the refrigerator door or at the back of the main door. This will help to remind yourself to go for regular walks.
  • Think about how taking a walk can help you get a better nights sleep if you suffer from indigestion.
  • Remember the benefits of walking aren’t just for after dinner. These are true for taking a walk after lunch also. But yes after dinner walk has the power to take you to another world of relaxed joy and happiness of ending your day well.

Are you going to go for after dinner walk for weight loss?

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