After Maggi Ban, Ching’s Secret To Be Banned In India?


After Maggi Ban, Ching’s Secret To Be Banned In India?

Ching's secret under scanner

Maggi row has given shivers to other instant noodles manufacturers. The FDA seems to be high on acting against sub standard food items that are unfit for human consumption. After Maggi ban, Ching’s Secret is now under scanner. Ching’s Secret is leading instant food manufacturer that sells Chinese food products in India.

As per Times of India, the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) from Indore tested 3 samples of Ching’s Secret and found them sub standard. The FDA initiated prosecution against the manufacturer since their product failed the quality test. Manish Swami, the food officer in an interview told that a notice has been issued to the manufacturer to get another test done at any other lab within 30 days. Ching’s Secret has challenged the report, and has urged to get the samples retested at another lab. Hence, the samples were sent to a laboratory in Mysore. This test also found prohibited chemical substances in Ching’s Secret noodles. He further disclosed that the samples contained guar gum and sodium bicarbonate that are not allowed to be used in noodles as per FSSAI rules. Samples of Ching’s Secret noodles have been taken by different teams across cities and the reports awaited in the days to come.

High Dose Of MSG,Lead In Maggi 2015 India

After Nestle has been forced to withdraw Maggi from Indian Market, people are confused whether or not to eat instant noodles. Some of my friends have started finding alterative noodles that they can cook and eat in 2 minutes. We suggested some healthy alternatives to Maggi, read about them here. We will soon publish another post on why one should not eat instant noodles!

It is evident from the recent happening that all instant noodles manufacturers are on radar of FDA. Various other brands of instant noodles could be tested in the coming days. Only time will tell who stays in the market and who gets banned!

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