Top 8 After Meal Tips To Stay Healthy


Top 8 After Meal Tips To Stay Healthy

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Everyone aims at keeping their body fit and healthy and you and I are no exception. For that we try leading a good lifestyle. Right from taking care of what we should eat to how we should exercise to stay healthy, we don’t miss out on anything. Talking only about meals we are careful about how much carb to eat and how to load up on protein but we all miss out the after meal care that we should take in order to be healthy. Do you know that more than your meal it is your after meal behaviour that matters? What you do post meal affects your digestion and the way you utilize calories. Have a look at these tips that tell you what to do to post meal to stay healthy!

1) Don’t sleep off after your meal

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Many of Indians have the habit of dozing off to sleep as soon as we finish our afternoon meal. This isn’t a healthy habit as your pace of digestion decreases when you are asleep. It will also make you feel bloated.

2) Post meal drink warm water

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When you drink warm water after your meal, it helps in breaking down the food and ensures faster digestion. So, make it a point to drink a glass of warm water after your meal.

3) Do not loosen your belt

If you happen to feel uncomfortable with your belt and you want to loosen it after a meal, it simply means that you have overeaten. If you start loosening your belt after every meal, few years down the line you will sport a pot belly. Now, you would not want that to happen. So, after a meal, let your belt stay firmly in place so that you contract abdominal muscles and train them so.

4) Avoid hot tea or coffee right after a meal

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Having tea just after a meal, is a common Indian practice. However, it is not a healthy practice. Tea contains compounds like polyphenols and tannins which make it difficult for the body to absorb iron. Women suffering from deficiency of iron should especially stay away from tea.

5) Avoid taking a shower post meal


A lot of energy is needed for digestion, which requires a lot of blood flow towards the stomach. However, taking bath right after a meal releases heat and this will result in heavy blood flow around your body to cool down the temperature of th body. This will affect the process of digestion.

6) Don’t smoke after a meal

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Smoking at anytime of the day is bad but when you smoke after a meal, it is just terrible. Research says that you will get stomach ulcers if you smoke after a meal because of the high contents of nicotine, tar and other harmful chemicals that are present in a cigarette.

7) Walk after meals

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It is a good habit to walk after meals but not immediately. You need to take at least a 20 min break before going for a stroll. A short walk will help digest your food and you will not feel bloated or get an upset tummy.

8) Don’t eat fruits post meals

It is a myth that having fruits post meals will help digest your food easily. Yes, fruits are good for you but not a really good option after a heavy lunch. Eating fruits after a meal make them get stuck above the meal and not get easily digested.

Hope you found this post useful!

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