Agave Nectar, A Sweetener that is Even Worse than Sugar



Agave Nectar, A Sweetener that is Even Worse than Sugar

You should be well aware by now that sugar can have grave implications for health, be it artificial or natural sugar.

One among them is the Agave nectar which is claimed to be natural sugar and is found in various ‘health foods’. It is being currently marketed as a diabetic-friendly sugar that does no harm to the blood sugar levels but if you ignore the bogus marketing claims will you realize how agave is actually worse than plain sugar.

Coming to the basic question, what is Agave? The agave plant is native to southern US and South America but one may associate it with Mexico. Many years back, Agave was used in Mexico for its medicinal properties.

agave rawIt would be better to label Agave nectar as Agave syrup. This ‘nectar’ has very little to do with traditional sweeteners as used to be made by Mexicans. Though the initial process remains the same, the final processed syrup is made by breaking down the healthy fructans into fructose. This manufacturing process is similar to the other unhealthy sweeteners, for example the high fructose corn syrup.

What we finally have is a concentrated syrup available in stores which are claimed to be healthy.

How is Agave diabetic friendly?


Fructose does not directly go into the blood stream and so doesn’t spike the blood sugar or insulin levels. Agave has low GI (Glycemic Index is a measure of how quickly sugar enters the bloodstream) because almost all of the sugar present in it is fructose and no glucose. But having said that, GI is just one of the things to consider when looking at the health effects if sweeteners.

Why is Agave dubbed to be unhealthy?

For a very simple reason, it is dangerously high in fructose.

In the whole human body, the liver is the only organ which can metabolize fructose in significant amounts and converts it into fat. Obviously, intake of lot of added fructose can be problematic on metabolic health especially in context of high carb high calorie diet. This can raise the risks of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

Agave is worse than regular sugar

agave nutritionIf you have to add some extra sweetness to your diet, agave nectar is not the solution.

Fun fact:

Agave nectar is about 85% fructose making this higher than plain sugar.

Looking for alternatives?

Try for other natural sweeteners like Stevia, Erythritol and xylitol etc.

For conclusion, Agave nectar is the unhealthiest sweetener in the world so much so that it makes the natural sugar seem like a healthy option.

Do you agree that Agave Nectar is A Sweetener that is Even Worse than Sugar?

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