Air Pollution-The Culprit Behind Eye Infections


Air Pollution-The Culprit Behind Eye Infections

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Eyes- the most precious gifts of God must be well protected! And why? Because you see the world through them! Colours, beautiful landscapes, faces, sun rays, moon light…I can just go on and on with what all the world is filled with for us to see! Just imagine how would life would be without vision! It would just come to a standstill. We are just not grateful to the Almighty for having intact vision and take our eyes for granted. Now, today’s post is on the link between air pollution and eye infections.

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You already are aware that most cities in India are air polluted, all thanks to the ever growing traffic. Air pollution is the leading reason behind the increase in eye allergies and conjunctivitis in people of different age groups, according to doctors. It is a serious issue because if eye allergies or conjunctivitis is not treated at the right time, it can lead to damage to the cornea, thereby affecting one’s vision.

Air pollution spares no one, it affects all age groups and the majority of the people affected are young kids, middle aged and senior citizens. Air pollution badly affects their eyes, leading to eye irritation, redness and watering eyes. According to an opthalmologist, the main reasons behind allergic conjunctivitis are pollen, mould spores or chemicals present in the air. The high levels of air pollutants like nitric oxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide present in the air can make the tear film of the eyes more inclined to the acidic side. Tears are basically a mixture of water, proteins, fatty oil and substances that fight bacteria and maintain the lubrication of the eyes.

How to avoid eye allergies?

Here is how you can avoid eye allergies!

Doctors say that you should not rub your eyes directly even if fine foreign bodies enter your eyes. Instead, you should wash your eyes with clean water. Apply a cool compress in order to help reduce inflammation.

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Whenever a direct contact occurs with an allergen, an allergic reaction takes place in the eye. This usually happens due to dryness in the air. Once the infection is detected, there are chances that the person will get it again and again.

What studies say?

A recent study found that more than 30,000 people in Delhi last year were detected with cornea infection because of increasing particulates in the air and decreasing air quality. In worst cases of eye infection, you may have to see an eye doctor who would prescribe anti-inflammatory eye drops or oral antihistamines. In severe cases of eye infection, steroid eye drops are prescribed in order to get relief.

Protect yourself from eye infection

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So, eye infections shouldn’t be taken lightly. Try your best to stay away from polluted atmosphere. If on a two-wheeler, wear a helmet so that foreign particles don’t enter your eyes. (Moreover, you need to protect your head and face too! So wear a helmet every time). Wash your eyes soon after you reach home from the smog filled streets if you walk your way home. They say prevention is better than cure and you need to apply the same in case of eye infections.

Protect your eyes!



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