My Airtel Half Marathon Trial Running Experience

half marathon trial run

My Airtel Half Marathon Trial Running Experience

Hello Fitness Lovers,

I really feel great to share  with you all that I happened to run 16km today. 🙂

Well, this seems really unbelievable to me but it is surely true! It was basically a trial run of 16km and I am here to share all the crucial details of my running experience with you all!

The night before I had to go for the trial run I was really not sure as to what should I do as I was not sure that I will be able to run 16km in one go. I mean I have been practicing for weeks for this only but when the trial run was finally organized, I was not sure I will be able to complete the track.

Initially, I had a friend who first agreed to come along with me in the race but afterwards told me that her husband is keen so she would go with him.

So I was left with being alone and really needed a buck up push to reach to the venue and take up the trial running practice. Later on I discussed all of this with my husband, who was not with me that day and had to go out for an urgent work. Well, talking to him made me a little positive as he encouraged me to go ahead for the trial run. So I set my alarm at 5:30 a.m and went on to sleep.

During the night time, my daughter woke me up for 2-3 times so I was really not sure that I will be able to wake up the right time due to the sleep disturbance for a few times. Well, I was able to get up much before the alarm even rang up! 🙂

 I even called my father and asked him whether I should go for this or not and he suggested me to try at least and go for it!
 So with all the determination, I managed to reach the venue and I saw so many groups of people who were naturally elevated. There were many people who were preparing for the Half Marathon so most of them had friends and were in groups. I felt a little lonely doing my warm up alone without anyone accompanying me. 🙁
The race started after a while and I realized that I was the only person running at last just after 15  minutes. I tried hard to keep pace so that I don’t lose the track or route where we had to run. Since it was a free trial running practice, so you don’t expect much from the organizers to put cross boards or sign boards to guide anyone through the right track.

Well, after almost 6-7 km I reached India Gate and literally I couldn’t locate any runner there visible in my sight. So I was clueless about the route and gave a thought to call my driver to pick me up from India Gate.

Just when I was about to call my driver, I spotted a girl who was running at a slow pace and I quickly approached her to know whether she belongs to the same group of trial running practice and luckily she was from the same group. So I decide to join her and continue my running trial. Well, I managed to complete the race finally.

I was thinking to leave the race at about 7km and then managed to cover the whole track of 16km. This is how life is ..When you are about to leave everything God sent someone to push you ahead you just have to realize that 🙂

airtel half marathon trial run

Although the girl’s pace was slower than me but I stayed on with her as this was my first trial running for a marathon and it was her fifth run, so she was practically well aware of he routes and I was truly clueless about the track, so I decide to  stay with her and continue my running.

I finished the track of 16km in 3 hours in which we both were barely running during the last hour and were walking most of the time at that stipulated time period.

I wish I could complete the track in 2 hours and did a little better. As now it looks achievable to me to complete the track with in 2 hours .

half marathon trial run

The thought of completing the Half Marathon is just like a dream come true for me  as I was so keen to take part and finally be able to run. I always wanted to run a Marathon and now it feels how did I managed to complete it being a totally non-running person some 9-10 weeks back!
Well, it is rightly said that if you hold on to something with a positive mind and don’t give up, the other forces of Nature like your body, surely help you in achieving it! 🙂
After completing the track one more struggle was left to deal with and that was the leg pain and so to avoid that I stretched a lot but I still need at least 2 days to recover fully.
I have shared a few pictures of the track as I was little hesitant to ask someone to click my pictures, so I just clicked few pictures of the track where I was running. If I see someone will put  pictures from the trial run, I will surely add later in the post.
Well, this is how I managed to finish my Half Marathon trial and the best thing was that I didn’t give up and continued to finish the track of 16km.
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