Alcohol Addiction – Short Term And Long Term Effects


Alcohol Addiction

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Most people I meet, drink alcohol. It is more of a social status these days.  In some cases it is just to chill out but things get ugly when you go over the top. People tend to use alcohol to escape everyday social and work pressures and this can have harmful effects on the body and mind. Consuming more than what your body can endure can lead to serious health conditions including permanent liver damage. Keep reading to learn more about alcohol addiction.

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Alcohol addiction

When an individual is so dependent on alcohol that he or she cannot function without it, it is called alcohol addiction.

Signs of Alcohol Dependence

When alcohol abuse is left untreated, it can become an alcohol addiction. It is characterized by physical dependence or inability to stop even when there are serious consequences. Alcoholics don’t have control over the amount they drink once they start. Here are the signs and symptoms of alcohol dependence:

1) Major hangovers and increase in the time required to recover from the after-effects of alcohol consumption.

2) Increase in amount of alcohol consumption due to increase in tolerance or decrease in the effects of alcohol use without any substantial increase in the amount consumed.

3) Reduction in attention to personal responsibilities and work commitments.

4) Unsuccessful efforts to reduce consumption of alcohol.

5) Facing withdrawal symptoms when not able to consume alcohol.

6) Consuming alcohol even after knowing its harmful effects.

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Short term effects of alcohol addiction

The short term effects of drinking alcohol above a certain level vary from person to person depending on the individual’s age and weight. Another factor to be taken into account is whether the alcohol is consumed on a full or empty stomach.

The initial effects of alcohol may initially seem pleasant but they may lead to poor concentration, diminished reflexes, lack of coordination and much more that can slow down the essential activities of the brain. There can be emotional and psychological changes, drowsiness, sleep disorders, slurring of speech, vomiting and nausea. These short term effects of alcohol can further increase when certain other medications are consumed along with it.

Long term effects of alcohol addiction

Drinking alcohol everyday for a prolonged period of time can cause the death of brain cells, nerve damage leading to poor mental and physical functions. Alcohol addiction leads to liver damage and it can be as severe as cirrhosis, where you need to get a liver transplant. There can also be an inflammation of the pancreas.

As the body becomes tolerant to high amounts of alcohol, the body does not have short-term alcohol effects. The condition is called tolerance and can make you totally depend on alcohol.

If an individual gets addicted to alcohol, he would still continue to drink without paying heed to the mental and physical effects. This can lead to troubled relationships and many devastating outcomes. Thus it is important to bring the situation under control or it can ruin someone’s life.

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