Alcohol Increases Breast Cancer Risk – How?


How Alcohol Increases Breast Cancer Risk?

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The risk of breast cancer increases by the very fact that you are a woman. On top of that if you happen to smoke or if you are overweight, you risks only tend to increase.

It is well known that genetics and age are two factors that have a role to play with regard to the risk of breast cancer. However, are you aware that alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer? Many well-documented studies have been able to prove that alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer. People are not very aware of this fact.

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In a recent survey it has been found that even while women are aware of the symptoms of breast cancer, and have got their breast screening mammogram done less than 25 percent of them knew that consuming alcohol can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Women can definitely reduce their risk of breast cancer by drinking less amount of alcohol and maintaining a healthy weight. A majority of the women questioned in the survey did not know about this!

How Alcohol Increases Breast Cancer Risk?

The link between the risk of breast cancer and alcohol consumption is indisputable but scientists are still not able to understand why alcohol causes breast cancer. One of the reasons is that once we consume alcohol, it gets broken down in bodies into acetaldehyde. It is an organic chemical compound that causes genetic mutations that increase the risk of development of cancer cells. Alcohol is also known to increase the level of the female hormone estrogen in women who are in their 30s and 40s. Having a higher amount of estrogen can make it more likely for cancer cells to multiply rapidly, especially when it comes to breast cancer.

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Some facts about alcohol and breast cancer

  • When compared to teetotalers, women who drink 3 alcoholic drinks a week have a 15% greater risk of developing breast cancer. This risk goes up by another 10 percent for each extra drink women have every day on a regular basis.
  • Women who consume 5 units of alcohol a day (alcohol abuse) regularly have a 40% increased risk of breast cancer.
  • Girls in their teens, i.e. below 20 are at the maximum risk. Teen girls consuming 3 to 5 drinks a week have thrice the risk of developing breast lumps.
  • Apart from breast cancer, alcohol is also known to increase the risk of 7 kinds of cancer including the ones of the mouth, throat, esophagus, liver, colon, larynx and bowel.
  • According to the experts, women should not exceed one alcoholic drink a day. One drink means 350 ml of regular beer, 150 ml of wine and 45 ml of distilled spirits.

Giving up alcohol may not be easy all of a sudden. It is just that you remember how risky it can be for your health and be in your limits whenever you head out for a party or want to find a place to drown your sorrows.

Hope you this post on How Alcohol Increases Breast Cancer Risk has been informative!

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