Alia Bhatt’s Fitness Efforts For A Bikini Body In Shandaar!


Alia Bhatt’s Fitness Efforts For A Bikini Body In Shandaar!

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Here is a celebrity post after a really long time! Alia in a bikini is not news to us! She sported a sunny yellow two-piece in her debut movie ‘Student of The Year’ and she carried it off pretty well. But for her movie ‘Shandaar’, her director Vikas Bahl made it clear that he did not want even a bit of puppy fat. Alia Bhatt, like an obedient student went ahead with cardio with hours of weight training. And in a matter of weeks, the 21 year old star appeared before her director looking more like a ‘little boy’. He was totally aghast and the young lady to get some curves immediately.

Alia working out

She signed up with renowned trainer Yasmin Karachiwala. Yasmin promised Alia that that with the new diet plan and daily practice of aggressive Pilates she will be able to bowl over the hero of the movie, Shahid Kapoor. Yasmin says that Alia had met her in July and told her that she wanted to look sizzling in a bikini for her movie Shandaar. She seemed skinny but was dedicated. Alia refused to eat anything apart from what was mentioned in her diet plan. In a span of 3 months she had the perfect body for the UK shoot. She got transformed from super-thin to gymnast body-thin. Yasmin stopped Alia’s cardio routine and worked on her legs, arms, back and abs.

alia bhatt bikini body in shaandar

Unlike Malaika Arora Khan and Deepika Padukone, Alia is someone who usually goes off her diet and workout once the film wraps up. However, this time even after wrapping up her shoot in the UK, she has been training hard for her next movie ‘Udata Punjab’.

Apart from doing coralline and trapeze, Alia has begun working with the ‘arcus’. The ‘arcus’ is a huge bow suspended midair. She will also be doing ‘bodhi’ which is a superior form of exercise. Yasmin says that she is presently working with a US based instructor in order to understand the machine better as it is the first time that it will be used in an Indian fitness studio. Yasmin says that Alia has now turned into a gym-addict. She says that the young and hypractive Alia is ready to do something new each time and there have been days when she had to literally throw her out of the gym and ask her to cheat on her diet.

Alia agrees to it and is saying that she is in a long term relationship with Yasmin and of course fitness. Alia finds Pilates new and challenging and she believes that consistent training can help her reach her goal. She knows that she will get their soon and simply needs to be patient.

Alia looks really svelte and fit in her pink bikini avatar in Shandaar! She is an inspiration for all the young girls out there! Aren’t you all ready to lose weight and get fit. Not for a bikini though 😛 but for overall health. Being overweight can lead to a lot of health conditions. So for your health take a step forward!

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