Alkaline Water- Is It Really Healthy?

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Alkaline Water- Is It Really Healthy?

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Are you hearing too much about the health benefits of alkaline water these days? Wondering what the hullabaloo is all about? There is contradictory information about alkaline water all over the internet and things are getting quite confusing. What is required is some scientific evidence behind all the tall claims being made.

Many sites claim that the benefits of consuming alkaline water are as follows:

A site that sells alkaline water will naturally tell you all the good things about it like how it can cure cancer and stuff like that! However, if you happen to land on a medical site, you will be told that alkaline water does not do much in making the body healthy.

Hot water diet for weight loss

Being well hydrated is generally good for the body. When you increase your water intake you can witness most of the benefits that are cited by those who are marketing alkaline water.

The body and alkaline water

There does not seem to be enough evidence stating that alkaline water is better than normal water. The logic of alkaline water and the body has a big flaw in it.

At any given moment, the body works hard in doing several things that we are not even aware of. You can gauge your heart beating and lungs breathing as it is basic knowledge but there are also several processes happening behind the scene that it is dizzying to even think about them 😉 One among those processes is keeping your body’s pH at a specific level. You need not think about your blood’s pH. No matter what you drink or eat, your body will make the required adjustments and keep your blood pH where it needs to be. This is called homeostasis.

What does the medical community say?

The medical community seems to be quite skeptical about alkaline water. Doctors feel that continually drinking it as a source of water is a matter of concern. Alkaline water can act to neutralize the acids present in the stomach that are vital for breaking down the food that you eat and for absorbing the nutrients properly. To be honest, not sufficient scientific research has been conducted on the benefits or potential drawbacks of alkaline water.

How you can make your own alkaline water?

green tea water

To make your water alkaline, you need not get roped in by companies selling an ionizer or alkaline water. You can alkalize your water at home with very common and simple ingredients. All you need to do is to add a few lemons to ordinary water. Lemon has an alkalizing effect in spite of having citric acid in it. Ironic, isn’t it? There is no need to purchase ionizers if you want water that is more alkaline than normal water.

Better ways of staying healthy

Just by incorporating healthy foods like fruits and veggies and taking adequate rest, you can keep your body healthy. You need not manipulate your body’s pH levels by drinking ionized water. You should make it a point to be well hydrated but you need not dink alkaline water to do that. Make sure that the water you drink is clean and fresh. Being hydrated will keep your organs lubricated and will also ward off constipation.

So, to get healthy you need not fall for gimmicks of any kind. The healthiest people on the planet are those you make health their top priority and make it a point to eat well, get ample exercise and be as happy as they can be.

You can give alkaline water a miss!

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