All About Biotin-Health Benefits and Weight Loss


All About Biotin-Health Benefits and Weight Loss

Hello all!!

Today I am here to discuss the importance of Biotin and throw light on its benefits that include weight loss. It is a vital vitamin that is needed for our well being.

What does Biotin do?

Biotin- also known as vitamin H, vitamin B7. Biotin belongs to the vitamin B family and thus is water soluble. It helps in the metabolizing of fat and sugars in the body. It forms a vital process in production of fat in the body.

Who can have a deficiency of Biotin?

In general, Biotin deficiency is rare because bacteria present in the intestine produce biotin that exceeds the body’s daily requirements. Though uncommon there can be a deficiency in the following categories of people:

  • Chronic smokers
  • Alcoholics
  • Pregnant women
  • People suffering from Crohn’s disease or liver disease

How Biotin helps us?

Biotin for weightloss

1. Aids in weight loss

                   Biotin plays an important role in breaking down food and backing metabolic function. When biotin is consumed food breaks down faster and this accelerates weight loss.  Studies conducted in this field that link Biotin consumption and weight loss are at their infancy. Nevertheless it would be a good idea to include it in your diet if you want to lose those extra kilos.

2. Strengthens hair and nails

                     Biotin is linked with the strengthening of nail cuticles and preventing the breakage. There is little research on hair growth but it is well known that lack of biotin can cause hair loss.

3. Improves the health of your skin

Deficiency of biotin can lead to a variety of skin problems like rashes, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and itchiness. Skin trouble is one of the biggest signs that suggest that there is a deficiency of biotin or B vitamin.

4.Lowers bad cholesterol

Biotin lowers cholesterol. As per studies done biotin can help reduce LDL levels (the bad cholesterol).

5.Regulates blood sugar

Biotin helps fight and prevent diabetes(type 2 diabetes in particular).

Foods that are good source of biotin

Biotin rich food

  • Swiss Chard – This green leafy vegetable tops the list when it comes to good sources of biotin. Sadly it is not native to India. It is always a good idea to eat local.
  • Carrots – Carrots contain biotin and they are good for the eyes too.
  • Almonds and Walnuts Munching on nuts is a good idea to get your daily requirement of biotin and other vital nutrients.
  • Chicken Eggs – Eggs are a good source of biotin, but eating a diet too high in egg whites can lead to biotin deficiency.
  • Milk (Cow’s and goat’s) – Along with calcium milk is also a source of biotin for the body.
  • Vegetables – Onions, cucumbers and cauliflower all contain biotin and it is the easiest way for us Indians to get our dose of biotin 😉

Make sure that you eat a balanced diet to get your biotin from various food sources.

Stay fit and take care!

Is your Biotin intake sufficient for health and weight loss?

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