All About Eckhart Tolle Meditation


All About Eckhart Tolle Meditation

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Meditation is helpful in clearing disturbed minds. It is best done outdoors but even chanting Om in a closed room can bring in peacefulness to our minds. Meditation helps in connecting us with our souls. This is not possible with our daily schedules where we keep running from pillar to post for our livelihood. We need to take away a few minutes from our perpetually busy schedules and invest them in meditation.

About Eckhart Tolle Meditation

There are so many types of meditation techniques that are immensely beneficial. One among them is ‘The Eckhart Tolle Meditation’. A person named Eckhart Tolle has brought great tools and techniques to the world that has benefitted millions of people all over the globe.

Eckhart Tolle is a spiritual teacher and an author. He was born in Germany and studied at the the Universities of London and Cambridge. At the age of 29 a major inner transformation brought a huge change in his life. He spent time in understanding the transformation and this was the beginning of his inward journey.

Eckhart Tolle meditation

His guided meditation focuses on bringing one’s awareness back the present moment. According to Eckhart, at every moment, our mind works through thoughts and runs the same thought patterns again and again. Usually people get stuck in their thoughts and the result of all this is that they ignore the present moment. This process of ignoring the current moment can get us disconnected. So, we are living our life without being aware of the current moments.

Keeping the mind and body in sync is a great way to reduce stress and ward off negativity. One can then experience the world without any disturbance from the past memories and thoughts. Connecting with the present allows us to experience it to the fullest extent.

Tolle’s way of meditation provides a way of practicing letting go of the future and past judgments. Instead of giving importance to things that are not in our control, we can rewire our mind to let go of the past and future and just live in the current moment.

Using the meditation techniques on a daily basis is the best. It does take time to change thought patterns, doing Eckhart Tolle meditation daily can bring forth great results as it will make a huge difference on how you experience reality.

In his meditation technique, Eckhart helps you in understanding the nature of awareness that can help you find natural freedom within yourself. It is a process of recognizing that thoughts move through the mind but you need not be drawn into the emotions linked with the thoughts. Very often, people tend to associate their personality with the thoughts that keep entering their minds. The truth is that these thoughts are not who you are. With practice even your thought patterns can be changed and that can change your life.

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How to go about Eckhart Tolle Meditation?

Listen to Eckhart Tolle Meditation every day. It is available as DVDs. Choose a quiet room where no one will disturb you. Allow your thoughts to pass and move through the judgments placed on the thought patterns. It is actually a process of learning to love your own self. You will be able to recognise the negative thought patterns and bring in a change in them.

You can understand his concepts well in his books too. The concepts in his books and meditation are related to one another. Together they are a powerful combination that can help you change your life.

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