All About PCOD By Dr. Sanjay Shah


All About PCOD By Dr. Sanjay Shah

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Below is the press release on PCOD by Dr. Sanjay Shah, IVF Consultant & Board Member, Profert IVF Fertility Clinic, Mumbai. This is a must read for ladies !

All About PCOD By Dr. Sanjay Shah

All About PCOD By Dr. Sanjay Shah

1. What are the reasons for PCOD?

PCOD is a multifactorial disease of endocrinal imbalance having a genetic linkage.Very often there is a history of mother or the sister of the patient also having a positive history of PCOD. In PCOD there is no exact cause but factors like sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy dietary habits and stress may aggravate the severity.

2. How can women prevent PCOD?

There is no exact remedy how to prevent PCOD but exercise and diet watch from early in life would help in preventing in some patients.

3. What kind of period problems can occur after delivery?

Pregnancy is state of endocrinal regulation. Very often PCOD patients after delivery have a normal pattern of menstrual flow and disappearance of signs and symptoms of PCOD.

4. How can women prevent period related problems after delivery?

After delivery patients who are exclusively breastfeeding the child have high prolactin levels which is the hormone responsible for milk production in the mother. Increased levels of this hormone prevents ovulation thus providing contraception as well. This hormonal change persist till the time mother is exclusively feeding the child. Once weening is started these levels gradually come back to normal and regular period cycle starts. However if the cycle remains irregular then she should consult her gynaec for endocrine evaluation.

5. What are the reasons for infertility?

Infertility in a couple may arise due to multiple reasons,

  • 45-50% may be due to female factor.These are ovulatory disturbances following endocrinal abnormality or anatomical abnormality of fallopian tubes, Uterus or cervix or conditions like endometriosis

  • 35-40 % may be due to abnormal male factor right from erectile dysfuction  Ejaculatory disorders to abnormal semen parameters.

  • 10-15 % may be due to factors in both the couples

  • 10-20 % cases of infertility are “Unexplained Infertility” which means couple are unable to conceive even though all reports are found to be normal.

6. How to prevent infertility?

Late marriages and delayed decision to start a family reduces the chances, since women’s fertility reduces with age.

Use of barrier contraception like condoms or diaphragms when not trying for a child helps in preventing Pelvic Inflamatory diseases which is one of the cause of infertility.

Leading a healthy lifestyle with exercise helps prevent certain endocrinal abnormailty which may later lead to infertility.

However having said this one cannot prevent infertility totally and should consult a doctor in their early married life.

7. What are the treatment options for infertility?

Depending on the underlying cause the treatment should be planned.With newer techniques treatments are revolutionized and any couple can hope to have a child.

Many patients conceive with just simple treatments which aims at correct timing of intercourse and others in which the sperms and eggs are fertilized outside the body and the fertilized egg called the embryo is transferred back into mothers womb. These treatment are “Assisted reproductive Techniques”.

8. What kind of problems women have to face while undergoing infertility treatment?

Depending on the etiology of infertility, problems faced vary. Duration  of treatment and the financial strain on the couple go hand in hand. Success rates of infertility per cycle depends on cause .Also many couples have unexplained infertility,for which patients are advised ART as the final resort.

9. Till what age infertility is treatable?

An advanced technique gives treatment options to a couple at any age. However results of treatment reduces with advanced age especially after the age of 38-40 yrs.

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