All About Pole Fitness Workout


All About Pole Fitness Workout

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You must have tried different things to get the body of your dreams. The fitness industry has constantly been devising one fitness program after another. Let me introduce you to Pole Fitness. This program came into being in 2004. Pole Fitness is considered to be the ultimate workout for today’s woman. This workout distinguishes itself from other workouts because it combines both strength training and cardio. It works so many muscles of your body at the same time. You can see improvements each week.

All About Pole Fitness Workout

Pole fitness workout

This workout teaches you spectacular spins and choreography in a short time span. Pole Fitness workout will improve your muscle power, fitness, a sense of rhythm and most importantly will make you feel confident. A typical session of this workout has a warm up, followed by aerobics. You then learn the pole techniques that are followed by a cool down.

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding Pole Fitness along with the answers.

The Pole Fitness workout is meant for whom?

It is meant for anyone who wants to look toned, become stronger, more flexible and at the same time wants to have more fun. This workout can be done by anyone, regardless of the fact that she is fit or not.

What are the benefits offered by Pole Fitness workout?

Pole Fitness has both physical and mental benefits to offer. One will develop more flexibility, muscle power and endurance along with gaining a svelte figure the fun way. It also helps in boosting one’s self esteem. Variations in the dance and pole techniques are challenging and help build your self confidence.

How is pole dancing different from Pole Fitness?

Pole dancing is meant for amusing people. It is a form of entertainment. On the other hand, Pole Fitness is practiced at gyms and dance schools. It is a full body workout. It trains several muscle groups of the body.

What is taught at a Pole Fitness class?

Pole Fitness is a combination of pole techniques and gogo-aerobics. It is a high impact workout. Different muscle groups are trained while practicing pole techniques. At the basic level, only those techniques are taught that strain the muscles slightly. This helps in developing the muscles and preparing them for harder techniques.


How may time a week should I go for these classes?

This depends on you. It can be done 1 to 3 times a week. It is advisable to have a day’s rest between two sessions of Pole Fitness workout.

What is the age limit for Pole Fitness workout?

It is a myth that old people can’t exercise. The truth is that you are never too old to exercise and the same goes for Pole Fitness. Training will be given according to the level of the participant.

Do I need to be thin or flexible to able to do this?

There is diversity in the exercises, so this makes Pole Fitness accessible to all women regardless of their fitness level or flexibility. One need not have lot of strength or fitness before enrolling into these classes. This workout will help in building up your muscles and endurance. It is just that an exercise that may seem easy for one may be a little difficult for another. You might even have sore muscles after this workout but you will be using muscles you didn’t use too much before. This fitness program has so many levels you can be in your comfort zone.

Will the pole be able to carry my body weight?

😛 The pole can carry a woman of any weight. It can handle a lot as it has benn built for high impact workout. A person’s weight will not affect the pole’s stability. However, when you get it installed at your home, you need to be cautious.

Are there any chances of injury?

Nope! The program is devised in such a way that it minimizes injuries.

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Will this workout give me masculine arms?

No, it will not. This workout will tone up your arms and make the stronger without the masculine look.

A word of caution:

If you happen to have back, neck, shoulder or wrist problems it would be advisable to take a doctor’s advice before joining Pole Fitness classes.

Are you ready for Pole Fitness workout?

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