All About The Honey Diet For Weight Loss

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All About The Honey Diet For Weight Loss

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Getting slim by eating honey?? Get ready for a sweet way to lose all the extra kilos! Yes, The Honey Diet is known to use the powers of honey to bring in metabolic changes that make sure you don’t end up with sugar cravings and help you burn fat even while you are asleep. This diet does not involve calorie counting, expensive diet foods or any kind of starving 😉

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This diet is the brain child of nutritionist Mike McInnes. When on this weight loss diet you can enjoy treats, snacks, family meals that are most often banned on other diets. You can have cakes, breads, puddings and biscuits comfortably as long as they are made with honey and not with sugar.

What is the science behind The Honey Diet?

According to McInnes, the chief reason of people not being able to lose weight is because of consuming too much of sugar and processed stuff. Products touted as low fat are also loaded with hidden sugars or refined flour. This means the levels of blood sugars are also on a high the whole day. The body handles the sugar overload by releasing insulin that filters sugar out of the blood and sends it away to be stored as fat.

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There is another mechanism called ‘hungry brain’. You see, each brain cell is surrounded by more than 10 feeder cells (glial cells) that are responsible of supplying the brain cells with just the right amount of sugar. It has been found that eating stuff loaded with sugar can result in emergency shutdowns of the cells that protect the brain cells. The brain gets only a trickle of the sugar till the sugar overload is over. Thanks to our modern day diet, the glial cells remain switched off for far too long. This leaves the brain cells depend on emergency fuel stock. The brain gets hungry and stressed resulting in sugar cravings. This makes one grab all the sugar loaded stuff and gulp it down.

This vicious cycle can be broken down with the help of honey. Night time honey in water reverses this process of the ‘hungry brain’ and helps one sleep better. Diet experts say that even honey has high amounts of sucrose and fructose and can have the same effects as sugar. Mr McInnes feels that it does the opposite. Studies too show that the sugars in honey behave very differently from white sugar. A spoonful of honey is known to lower the levels of blood sugar unlike normal white sugar. At large it means the glial cells don’t switch off and the brain gets fuel at the normal rate.

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Here are the golden rules of this diet!

Replace sugar with honey

Stop consuming sugar and artificial sweeteners. Sugar is the real villain when it comes to obesity and not fat! Begin your day with 1-2 teaspoons of honey in a cup of hot water. Add it to your tea and coffee, breakfast cereal or while cooking throughout the day. You can snack on stuff that has honey in it, like a whole grain toast with honey spread on it. End your day with 1-2 teaspoons of honey in hot water and consume it 30 minutes before bed time. This will help in burning body fat. However, don’t overdo the honey as it may then not work well for you.

Say no to junk food

You have got say good bye to your favourite crisps, fries, pastries, sugary drinks and anything that comes in a packet (i.e. processed). Just avoid the empty calories and honey will be able to slim you down.

Choose unrefined carbs and reduce the consumption

Switch from refined carbs (maida and white rice) to complex carbs (whole wheat). Switch from white to brown. They have fibre and take a longer while in getting digested, keeping you full. Restrict carbs and include lot of protein and veggies in your diet. Don’t forget to have beans and lentils as they are a healthier protein source.

One day a week don’t eat carbs

Steering clear of carbs on one day during the week will help in reducing levels of insulin in the body. This will reduce the storing of fat and many studies say that insulin not only causes diabetes but also heart problems and cancer. Even the glial cells will reset when you stop eating bread, flour, rice, cereal and potatoes for a day in a week. Just follow the rules of the honey diet.

Say no to potatoes

For swift weight loss ban potatoes completely. That means no to potatoes in any form as it sends the levels of insulin really very high.

Include protein in every meal

Including protein in each meal will help in keeping you fuller for longer and prevent spikes in blood sugar. Go in for lean protein like fish, chicken and eggs. There are a lot of vegetarian sources of protein too like pulses, lentils and beans.

Eat unlimited veggies and salads

Include lots of veggies and salads in your diet. They have fibre and lots of vitamins in them.

Include 2 pieces of fruit in a day

Fruits are great but can be high in sugar. Choose low carb fruits such as berries. Eat whole fruits instead of juices or smoothies as you need the fibre.

Opt for dairy with full fat

Low fat dairy has additives and sugars in it to compensate for the lost fat. Studies say that having full fat diary is much better than reduced fat. Just go easy with the amount you are having or else you will start adding up the calories.

Want to try out the Honey Diet for weight loss?

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