All About The Ornish Diet

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All About The Ornish Diet

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The western world has churned out so many diet plans that it has become difficult to decide which one to follow. Most of them are fads and only a few of them actually prove to be effective.

So, here I am to discuss another diet plan! This time I am going to discuss the Ornish diet. The founder of this diet is Dr. Dean Ornish. The diet named after him is basically a vegetarian diet that has tall claims of keeping the heart healthy, reducing stress and aiding weight loss.

What is the Ornish diet?

fruits-and-veggies- ornish diet

To follow the Ornish Diet you need to do the below mentioned:

  • You can eat all the legumes, beans, grains, fruits and vegetables and fill your belly.

  • Only 10% of the daily calories should come from fat so you have to eat all dairy products like milk, curd and cheese in limit.

  • Meats (both red and white) need to be avoided along with oils, olives, nuts, seeds, full fat milk products, avocados and also sugar.

  • Eat smaller meal portions throughout the day to keep your hunger at bay and at the same time control yourself from over eating.

whole grain bread ornish diet

Sample of what all is allowed-

Beverages: You may have water (of course, no diet can stop you from guzzling down water!!!), tea, coffee, juices and skimmed milk.

Solid food: Whole grain stuff, low fat yogurt, fat free cheese, veggies like potatoes, broccoli, spinach (all greens) etc. Also, not to forget the fresh fruit.

Apart from a watchful diet you need to do the following too:

  • Kick off undesirable habits like smoking or consuming excess alcohol.
  • Practice yoga and meditation and spend time with your loved ones to manage stress.
  • Exercise should be of minimum 5 times a week for about 30 minutes.

How Does The Ornish Diet Work?

In an Ornish diet you are eating lesser calories and consuming less fat that damages the heart. This helps in weight loss and maintenance of heart health. It is said that fat is more calorie dense than carbs. Lowering fat intake would mean that you are lowering the calorie intake. You would also not overeat if your diet comprises mostly of fresh fruits, whole grains and veggies.

Simply put in nut shell, lower the fat lower the calories.

Along with a diet you are recommended to do regular exercise. Exercise, in general helps in losing extra kilos and also improve the flow of blood in the body. By doing yoga and meditation you reduce stress and this makes you feel happy. The chances of overeating due to anger are lesser when you have less stress in your life.

A word

Before pushing yourself into any diet plan you need to consult a doctor because every one of us are unique and just following certain diets may backfire on our health. So, it is advisable to rope in both a doctor and a nutritionist/dietician before you take any major leap.

Stay healthy!!

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