Top 10 Allergens You Did Not Know About


Allergens You Did Not Know About

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You must know people who are allergic to dust, pet dander, pollen or peanuts. But there are some materials, foods and environments that cause allergy in certain people and these allergies are rare and rather weird. Find out for yourself!

1) Jewellery

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You must have come across at least one friend who can’t wear fake jewellery. Only gold, silver or platinum suit her skin. Well, I am one of them! I can’t wear fake jewellery especially earrings. It causes itching. Imitation jewellery is most often made out of nickel and this can cause an itchy rash which is called allergic contact dermatitis. 17% women and 3% men suffer from nickel allergy. Switching to gold is a better idea. However, there are some who have gold allergy too. The chemicals in the makeup cause reactions with gold and affect the skin. For such people platinum is the best.

2) Mobile phones and tablets

Those who have metal allergies may have trouble using mobile phones and tablets as they have allergens like nickel and cobalt. People allergic to the metals get rashes on the hands, ears as well as face when they have contact with the phone. However, such people can use the devices safely as long as they cover the metal parts with a protective case.

3) Wool

Wool can be itchy but there are people who are sensitive to lanolin, which is a natural wax like substance that the sheep produces. The allergic reaction can be stronger in apparel and blankets made with wool. Lanolin is also used in cosmetics, lip balms, shampoos and other personal care products. People who are sensitive to it should use lanolin-free products.

4) Laundry detergent

Certain ingredients present in laundry detergents and fabric softeners can cause an allergic reaction. The liquid need not directly touch your skin, the allergen can get transferred into your clothes, towel or bed sheets.

5) Raw fruits, veggies and nuts

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Due to cross reactivity with pollen and grasses some people are allergic to raw fruits like apples, peaches, tomatoes, bananas and melons. Some people may have inflammation and itchy mouths because of consuming veggies like celery, carrots, potatoes and onions. Peanuts and hazelnuts can also cause allergy.

The good news is that people can still eat the produce that they are allergic to after cooking them properly. After cooking they won’t experience the symptoms.

6) Cosmetics and skin care products

Chemicals present in makeup, sunscreens and lotions can cause a rash called contact dermatitis. It may show up after a few hours or days of exposure to the allergen. To identify the allergy, a patch test needs to be done.

7) Potting soil

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You can choose a houseplant that does not trigger an allergy but what about the soil it is planted in? Soil can have mould spores that are very common allergens, especially when the plants are kept away from direct sunlight.

8) Stuffed toys

Stuffed toys can be full of dust mites and can trigger a runny nose, wheezing, coughing and even attack of asthma in kids and adults who happen to be allergic. The best way to avoid this is to buy toys that you can wash so that you get rid of the allergens.

9) Tattoos

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Tattoo inks are said to contain allergens. Red ink has the most problems which include itching, redness and swelling. Even the mehendi or henna used to make a temporary tattoo can cause allergy to some people.

For a permanent tattoo, go to a reputed tattoo parlour. Also get inked on a small area to test for allergy and then go in for the entire tattoo. Some people have reactions years after getting themselves inked. Do visit the doctor if your tattoo seems to look or feel different.

10) Hair dye

All hair dyes have the same kind of chemicals in them. Some people are allergic to them. When using hair dye for the first time, it would be advisable to get a patch test done.

Hope you found this post on uncommon allergens useful!

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