8 Ways To Stay Safe This Allergy Season

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How to stay safe this allergy season?

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I know a lot of people who end up getting sick due to the pollen in the air, dust and other allergens. Are you one amongst them? Want to stay safe this allergy season?  Here are some simple ways to stay safe this allergy season:

1) Clean up your washing machine

The interiors of the washing machine are warm and dark and seem to be the perfect breeding ground for microbes. It is advised that you wipe the drum of the machine with a bleach. You can also use a tablet to clean. It would also help to remove wet clothes from the machine and leave its door open for it to dry.

2) Do not use a feather duster or dry cloth

Dusting your home is important but using a feather duster or dry cloth is not a good idea. It doesn’t trap the dust, it instead stirs it into the air. Use a wet cloth or wet paper towel to actually pick up the dust. This is essential for people with asthma and allergies.

3) Use a pillow cover

One of the most common causes of year round allergies are dust mites. They love dead skin cells and are hence found on your bed. The way out is to use allergen-proof covers fro pillows and mattresses. Doing so you will significantly reduce dust mites.

4) Consider exercising the right time

Different kinds of pollen are at peak at different times of the day. The mornings are usually miserable. So, those of you who are prone to allergy should avoid exercising in the morning and choose another time of the day for the same. If it is a high pollen day, it would better to workout indoors. You can head outdoors after rain as it washes away the pollen in the air.

5) Use the vacuum cleaner

Using the vacuum cleaner is the best for cleaning your home as it traps even tiny particles into it. You are left with a clean home with no dust in the air unlike dusting with a rag.

6) Clean your house completely

It is said by experts that you should wash your curtains and rugs at least once a month. It would be a lot of laundry but it is the best way of removing allergens and avoiding a runny nose. Hot water wash is the best. In fact, the hotter the water the better the removal of pollen.

7) Clean your closet

There are numerous allergens in your closet. There is chance of mould and dust mites. Dust also gets collected under the shoe rack. It is better to empty your closet once a year and give it a complete cleaning. Let your clothes in the hanger see some sunshine. Keep your footwear out in the Sun to. In India, the Sun is not a not a problem at all. We have got ample sunshine. So, make good use of it.

8) You can be allergic to pets

A good workout buddy-your pet pushups

You need to think twice before keeping a pet. People allergic to mold can be affected by a fish tank. The ones having a problem with dander will have a trouble with cats and dogs. Thinking about keeping a bird? Think again as even birds produce dander from their feathers. Can’t stay without a dog and you have a pollen allergy? Go in for a short-haired breed.

Hope this post has been useful!

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