Allopathy Vs AYUSH Yoga In India-What is your choice?


Allopathy Vs AYUSH Yoga In India

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The Indian Government is trying really hard to popularise AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga or Naturopathy Unani, Siddha and homoeopathy) but the citizens of India seem to be inclined towards allopathy treatment for their illnesses. The scene is the same in both rural and urban India.

Survey by NSSO has found that there is a higher inclination towards allopathy. About 90% of the people in urban and rural India prefer allopathy. Just 5-7% of the people go in for other kinds of treatment that includes AYUSH. However, a higher usage of AYUSH treatment (1.5% higher) has been noted by the urban males than the rural men. On the other hand a 0.8% less usage has been observed by urban females in comparison to rural females.

In the survey it was also found that allopathic treatment was more prevalent for treating hospitalised individuals both in rural and urban India regardless of the gender. What comes as a surprise is that AYUSH was used more in urban areas than in rural areas. And the spell of staying untreated was higher in rural India than urban India for both men and women. The relation between level of living and un-treated spells of illnesses were revealed too. People with higher monthly per capital expenditure had a less long untreated spell both in the rural and urban sector.

The survey additionally found that private doctors were the most essential single source of treatment in urban as well as rural India.

More than 70% of the ailments were treated in the private sector that comprised of private doctors, nursing homes and private hospitals. In urban India people the number of people who report sick is more when compared to rural India. The number of people in need of treatment were lesser in rural India but the number of cases in the untreated spell was higher in villages.

The survey was conducted for a period of 6 months from Januray to June 2014 and was aimed at collecting information related to the health sector. The survey has been able to find a lot of information related to the same.

The survey found that while taking into account the medical treatment of an ill person as an in-patient in a hospital, 4.4% of the urbanites were hospitalized at some point of the reference period whereas in rural India the percentage was 3.5%. In rural India, 42% of the treatments were done by public hospitals whereas in urban India, the percentage for the same was found to be 32%.

AYUSH treatment

So, these are just some of the facts and figures found by NSSO. Coming back to allopathy and AYUSH treatments, people still think that they can get completely treated only by allopathic treatment. However, you have another group of people who swear by Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homeopathy. Some people feel that what allopathy cannot treat, can be treated by the AYUSH. But those people people form a very small part of the society that is inclined towards allopathy for treatment. Lack of knowledge about the other branches of treatment can be one of the reasons why most people have more faith in allopathy. However, the scene is changing, these days allopathic doctors, along with prescription drugs, are prescribing Yoga to patients. This definitely means that Yoga has the power to treat illnesses.

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