Using Aluminium Foil In Cooking – Is It Safe?


Is It Safe To Using Aluminium Foil In Cooking?

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Aluminium foil is very often used in cooking. It seems to be an easy way to pack food too. This popularity of the aluminum foil makes people raise questions regarding its safety. There are claims that aluminium foil puts health at risk as the metal seeps into food. However, there are some others who say that it is completely safe.

Let us find out the truth!

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How is aluminium used in cooking?

Aluminium foil is used to store food conveniently, wrap food, to cover surfaces for baking, for lining grill trays and lots more. Most people bring their rotis wrapped in aluminum foil for lunch so that they stay soft.

Aluminium is present in food in tiny amounts

Aluminium occurs naturally in many foods like fruits, veggies, meats, grains and dairy. The additional aluminium comes from processed food additives like preservatives, thickeners and anti-caking agents.  Aluminium is ingested through medicines also.

However, the aluminium in food and medicines are not a problem as only a fraction of it is absorbed by the body and the remaining is excreted in faeces and in urine.

The small amount of aluminium ingested daily is generally considered to be safe.

Cooking with aluminum foil increases the aluminium content of foods

Studies show that using aluminium foil, aluminium containers and utensils can make aluminium seep into food. However, researchers say that the amount is really tiny and is safe.

Health risk of too much of aluminium

The everyday exposure to aluminium through food and cooking is safe as healthy individuals can efficiently excrete the tiny amount of aluminium absorbed by the body.

However, dietary aluminium is looked upon as a potential factor in Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminium is found in high levels in the brains of people having Alzheimer’s. But the role played by aluminum in development of Alzheimer’s is yet to be established.

In some studies it has also been found that aluminium is a risk factor for IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease). Things are however, unclear!

cooking in aluminum foil

Ways to minimize exposure to aluminum while cooking

It may seem impossible to chuck out aluminium out form your diet completely but there are ways to minimize the exposure.

1) Avoid high heat cooking

Cook food at lower temperatures whenever possible. Don’t use aluminium foil for high heat cooking.

2) Use less of aluminium foil

Avoid using aluminium foil for cooking acidic foods such as lemons and tomatoes.

3) Use non-aluminium vessels

You should use more of non-aluminium utensils to cook food. Stainless steel is a good option apart from ceramic.

4) Limit foods packaged in aluminium

Processed foods that are packaged in aluminium or have food additives containing it should be consumed less often. You can consume homemade equivalents instead.

Using Aluminium foil in cooking is safe?

Aluminium foil is not dangerous but it does increase the aluminium content of your diet by a tiny amount.

If concerned, you can stop cooking and wrapping food with aluminum foil. However, the amount of the metal that gets into you is insignificant. So, you can still use aluminium foil for cooking.

Hope you know regarding the safety of Using Aluminium Foil In Cooking!

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