Amazing Benefits Of Water For Hair, Skin And Health


Amazing Benefits Of Water For Hair, Skin And Health

Drink Water and then Drink more… You must have heard this. Those who think water is just to quench thirst are wrong; water has a lot of amazing benefits on health, skin and hair. Whether you need younger and clearer skin, healthy body or moisturized healthy hair, water is the best solution.

benefits of water

Our body is made up of 60% of water including skin, tissues, cells and organs. It is advised for men to drink minimum 3 liters and for women to drink minimum 2.2 liters for proper functioning of every organ and bodily system but the exact amount of water depends on your physical activity, size and weather. Water flush out toxins and water is considered more essential to life after oxygen.

Amazing Benefits Of Water For Hair, Skin And Health

Amazing Benefits Of Water For Hair, Skin And Health

Drinking water aids weight loss

Drink chilled water and lose calories. Body will burn more calories in order to keep body warm and you will lose weight. Replace high calorie drinks with this zero calorie amazing drink, as water will boost up metabolism and keep you full .

Combats stress

If you are in stress, try water therapy. When you are properly hydrated, muscles get relaxed and helps in lowering stress level. When you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated so sip water before you feel thirst.

Improves Digestion

Regular intake of water improves digestion by dissolving waste particles and helps them pass smoothly through digestive tract. Just like fiber, water is essential for good digestion.

Reduces Kidney stones

Salts and minerals in your body form solid crystals which are known as kidney stones, water dilutes these extra salts and minerals and passes them through urine.

Maintains balance of body fluids

Regular intake of water improves your body fluids functions like absorption, maintenance of body temperature, creation of saliva, circulation.

Tones muscles

Dehydration can cause muscle fatigue. If the muscle cells won’t have adequate water your exercising won’t give you better results. So have a lot of water while exercising.

Boosts your energy

Dehydration makes you feel tired. Have a glass of water and water will pump your heart and blood more effectively and make you feel energized.

Good for your joints

Drinking water helps in keeping your joints strong, healthy and lubricated, flexible and make your movements pain free.

Makes you smarter

Water transports oxygen to brain, which needs more oxygen to function at optimum levels. Drink a lot of water and improve your level of cognitive performance.

Flushes out toxins

Water detoxify your body, flush out all the toxic materials and impurities from the body and cleanse it properly.

Improve blood circulation

Regular intake of water especially drinking warm water enhances blood circulation and burns fat.

Keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay

Keep yourself hydrated and nourish your skin. Drinking water helps you look fresher and younger.

Eliminates skin infections

Water cleanses body by flushing out toxins and results in clear skin. Skin infections like acnes and pimples  could be corrected with regular intake of water.

Keeps skin healthy

If your skin is dry, itchy and flaky then most probably you are not drinking enough water. Drink plenty of water, it will give your skin rosy complexion.

Fights Dandruff

Drinking water regularly hydrates your skin and scalp and keep dandruff at bay.

Gives natural vitality to hair

Drinking water regularly also helps in giving you moisturized and supple locks. Water energizes hair roots and make them active.
Make cellulite less visible

Hydration helps in less visible cellulite as water naturally plump skin.

Not always you have to drink water to reap its benefits, there are more ways to use water for its benefits. Few are :

Water adds shine to hairs

Rinse your hair with cool water and this rinse will leave your hair glossier. The chilly temperature of water will lock the cuticles and make strands smoother.

Brightens eyes

Cold water splash helps in reduction of under eye inflammation.

For Firm skin

Water therapy detoxifies and tightens skin.

Improves sleep

A hot water bath before sleep helps in deeper and restful sleep.

Prevents hair damage

Salty water can make your hair frizzy, so just soak your hair in water before swimming, this will prevent hairs from chlorinated water.