8 Amazing Habits Of World’s Richest People


8 Amazing Habits Of World’s Richest People

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Ever wondered about the lifestyle of the wealthy people on planet Earth? Though they are from different countries they have a few habits in common. Let us have a look at those.


The wealthy are known to have a fixed routine in their life. 81% of the wealthy are known to make to do list whereas only 9% of the poor are known to maintain a to-do list. The wealthy people know that time is money and 44% of them wake up 3 hours before work. Only 3% of the poor wake up early. The rich usually listen to audio books when they travel, about 63% percent do so but when talking about the poor only 5% have this habit. 79% of the wealthy interact with people for 5+ hours in a month whereas only 16% of the poor are socially active. 88% of the wealthy people read for 30 or minutes a day and 86% simply love to read. The poor don’t have this habit. Only 2% read every day and just 26% love to read.


aerobics weight loss

The wealthy are seemingly healthier than the poor. It is a fact that money is a major factor when it comes to healthy living but it is a matter of interest too. 76% of the wealthy individuals do aerobics exercises 4 times a week. The poor on another hand are not particular about health as only 23% exercise regularly.

The number of calories from junk food is consumed less by the wealthy when compared to the poor. So, this directly means that the wealthy know how to take care of their health better then the poor.

TV viewing habits

watching tv

Less than 75% of the wealthy watch TV for an hour or less but the poor are into more TV viewing. The poor watch TV a lot and a whopping 75% of them watch reality shows. On the other hand the wealthy watch very less of reality shows.

Setting goals

Irritable Bowel Syndrome food diary

Writing down goals

In order to achieve goals you need to write them down. This activity is diligently done by the wealthy, about 67% do it and when we talk of the poor only 17% do so.

Focus on accomplishing a goal

Once set, you need to work towards your goals. You need to find ways to achieve the goals. 80 percent of the wealthy do that and a meagre 12 percent of the poor do so. That is why the wealthy seem to be getting wealthier by the day.

Believe in life long learning

Man is always a student and he or she has to keep learning new things throughout life. If you cease learning, you cease existing. 86 percent of the wealthy believe in this fact whereas amongst the poor the percentage is just 5%.

Believe that good habits offer opportunities

When you have good habits you will naturally be a winner! 84 percent of the wealthy believe in this fact whereas only 4 percent of the poor believe in this.

Believe that bad habits have a negative impact

You can never achieve your goals by climbing the ladder of bad habits. They make a loser out of you. 76% of the rich believe it whereas 9% of the poor agree with the fact.

In which category do you fall in?

Well, by now a question would have come up in your mind that in which of the 2 categories you fall in. Well, in the above case, wealthy people are those who earn 160,000 dollars annually and have assets worth 3.2 million dollars. The poor people are those who earn less than 30,000 dollars annually and have less than 5,000 dollars of assets. So, decide for yourself!

Source: Business-management-degree.net

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