5 Things You Must Buy From Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale


5 Things You Must Buy From Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale For Fitness

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Today I was checking out stuff from Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale  and then suddenly it struck me to write a post on things we can buy from  Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale, which incidentally ends on 15th October. I know time left  is less but that is the fun of online shopping, just one click and your shopping is done.

So here is a list of my 5 Things You Must Buy From Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale For Fitness and weight loss.

1. Waterproof Sports Armband


This is one thing that made me feel like crying. Just one month back I bought almost similar product at a much higher price and now this is it at 51% discounted price. Sometimes I really do stupid things…. 🙁 Anyways I would recommend this to all those who love to go for regular walks outdoors. It is going to be a great thing for you if you are a female since I have observed that almost the best brands in fitness gear don’t provide for pockets.

It is waterproof nylon arm pouch which can keep almost all mobile phones and has double pockets to keep cards, money, ear phones, charger and even a compact digital camera. Discounted price of this product is INR 489 only.

2. Stretchable yoga/running leggings

My number two choice is these stretchable high waist yoga and running pants/ leggings. Believe me I have used these and I love the tight feel on my stomach these leggings provide while exercising of any sort. The cotton lycra blend gives a nice stretchy feel to it. At this price of 599 INR with a 70% discount for a set of two pants is a deal not to be missed.

3. Equinox Weighing Scale

Two years back we bought this weighing scale for a much higher price than what it is selling for now. After merciless use, it;s still working perfectly well. The looks are stylish, slim and sleek. It has a large LCD display which makes it comfortable for all the users. It comes with auto-step-on feature, that means all you have to do is, step on the scale and your readings will reflect on the LCD display. Equinox weighing scale runs on CR2032, 3 volts lithium battery and has a low battery/error/overload indicator. Auto off is another great function in it that makes it automatically turns off within a few seconds as you step down the device. Coming with a 18 months warranty from the date of purchase and with a capacity of weighing 150 kgs at the price INR 899 is a sure shot deal.

4. Adidas Women’s Legus W Running Shoes

If you are a fan of Adidas and wish to buy a running shoe, here is a deal to go for. This shoe is a deal at 45% discount at the price 3079 INR. With mesh material it is a light lace up shoe which is light on foot while walking or running. Go for it…..

5. 5Kg Protoner PVC Dumbell set

5kg x 2 PVC dumbbells is what I have already gifted my daughter who is a lot into fitness and weight loss. BUT…. the price I bought these was much more than the quoted one here. For INR 440, a pair of 5 kg each dumbbells is a must in every health and fitness conscious home. This is a perfect equipment for a perfect workout. It is highly durable and long lasting, perfect muscle builder. Made with non smelling Pvc material, it is also good for the grip.

There are so many other products available at crazy prices but we can’t write about all. We told you the best deals, now with still two days to go, why don’t you check out the site.

Don’t forget to share with us what products you bought for your fitness and weight loss from Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale.

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