Ancient Method Of Hair Removal – No Waxing Or Shaving


Try This Ancient Method Of Hair Removal

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Are you a ‘hairy’ queen? Getting rid of unwanted hair is indeed a hassle for us women. Tired of waxing and shaving? That monthly visit to the parlour to get your arms, legs and underarms waxed can be irritating as you got to wait for your turn and the procedure is so very time consuming. Shaving may seem easy but it has its own cons like the possibility of nicks. How about a painless way of getting rid of unwanted hair? Want to know about it? Keep reading!

Heard of pumice stone? It is a painless way of removing unwanted hair. You may doubt it but it is an ancient method of hair removal.

Ancient Method Of Hair Removal

Ancient Method Of Hair Removal pumice stone

What is a pumice stone?

A pumice stone is so light that it can float in water. The reason behind this is that the stone has bubbles with air trapped in it. This is also what gives it a rough and abrasive surface making it very effective in getting rid of unwanted hair.

How does the pumice stone work?

As you use the pumice stone against hair, the rough surface abrades the hair shaft and that is why using a pumice stone repeatedly makes your body hair finer. Also, thicker hair strands are caught in the tiny holes within the stone and are pulled out during the process.

How the pumice stone fared for me?

I was quit inquisitive about the effects of using a pumice stone. So I decided to use it on myself. I was quite hopeful and did not pay heed to the warning that you should not apply too much pressure while using it. I had to repent later as my skin was burning the next morning. So, the lesson I learned was that you should not apply pressure when you use a pumice stone.

Pros of the pumice stone

After 2 weeks of regular use of pumice stone on the arms, legs and face you would fall in love with the stone. The hair will turn softer and reduce considerably. This method of hair removal is quite painless as you only have a slight pricking sensation every time a hair strand gets plucked out. Apart from removing hair, it also exfoliates your skin making it super soft.

Cons of pumice stone

The pumice stone shows great results on the fine hair on the face, thighs and arms. However, for the thick black hair on the lower part of the legs, it doesn’t seem to work much. Also, it is time consuming to scrub yourself each day with a pumice stone. Also, you need to be quite patient as it may take between 2 weeks and a month to see a change. To see any significant changes you might need to wait for a period of 3 months.

Overall, the pumice stone is a great way of getting rid of body hair and it gives you a perfectly soft skin. Wish I had found it earlier!

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