Andropause-Male Menopause Symptoms To Look Out



Andropause-Male Menopause Symptoms To Look Out

Hello!! How are you guys? this post is for all the people who are nearing their fifties, well, everyone else can read it of course, cause health issues are generally dealt by the whole family and not just the individuals. Today’s post is on a health issue related to men, and they would gladly ignore it, just like they ignore the advice on asking for directions :p

Am talking about Andropause, its male menopause. females suffer menopause in their late forties or early fifties is known to all, but men too suffer from it and no one knows. Men, why are you guys such lose handed with your health? Hormonal changes are natural part of growing old, so it definitely cannot be reserved just for us females.

Since women have a fixed period of years of fertility and a proper system that has tell tale signs of ageing, same cannot be said for men, the male hormone, testosterone decreases gradually, so its very hard to know the symptoms of a decrease. Testosterone levels decline at a slow pace, somewhere between 1% to 1.5% in a year. The good news is, this can be treated! Doctors may call this androgen decline, so don’t worry if he says that, its same as testosterone.

A few symptoms that may indicate Andropause, after your late forties are:

  • Weakness
  • Depression
  • Sexual problems
  • low bone density
  • feeling irritated easily

So, if you are facing these signs which were not present earlier, then it is time you visit your doctor and discuss your issue with him/her. Do get your testosterone level checked too. Common now, there is nothing to be ashamed of, its about time we treat our body with respect and not face certain problems with taboo attached to it!



Obviously your doctor would lead you on on this one, but read on anyway. But you cannot do anything about decrease in testosterone naturally. You can opt for testosterone replacement therapy, but it comes with a lot of added risk. So why not make best of what you have:

  • Since this is a hormonal problem, you need to be open with your doc, you need to let him know everything, he isn’t going to judge you.
  • Make healthier choices, Go to the gym your wife has been nagging you to go since forever. Eat healthy. ( i hear the “wify gang” hoot)
  • Seek help from professionals when you cannot handle the problem on your own.
  • Steer clear of any supplements that tell you otherwise, consult your doctor before gulping down any supplement related to making any alteration to your hormones.


Don’t worry guys, its just a phase, we got your back! Growing old is as beautiful a process as growing young was, just like you miss the school days and then the college days, but does life just stop there? No right! Be strong, you got this, but do get help, don’t be adamant on solving everything yourself!



This is Pooja,Ciao

Healthy life… Happy life

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