Animal Protein Vs Plant Protein – The Difference!


Animal Protein Vs Plant Protein

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Around 20% of our body is made up of protein. As our body does not store protein, it is essential for you to get sufficient amounts of it from your daily diet. Both plants and animals are good sources of protein.

While some people claim that the source of protein does not matter, there are others who suggest that protein from plants is superior when compared to animal protein.

animal protein vs plant protein

Animal Protein Vs Plant Protein

When consumed, the body breaks down protein into amino acids. Protein and amino acids are needed for almost all metabolic process.

Different proteins can vary in the kinds of amino acids they contain. Animal proteins are said to have a good amino acid balance whereas plant based proteins are said to be low in some amino acids.

Plant proteins are not complete whereas animal proteins are

Animal protein sources are called the complete sources of protein as they have all the amino acids needed by the human body. On the other hand, plant sources of protein like nuts, lentils and beans are considered to be incomplete due to lack of a few essential amino acids.

Animal protein sources also have a higher amount of certain nutrients that is required by the body and they are vitamin D, vitamin B12, the omega-3 (DHA), heme-iron and zinc.

Does consumption of certain types of meat cause diseases?

Is bacon a healthy choice 1

Red meat is a protein of high quality. However, observational studies say that consumption of red meat leads to an increased risk of stroke, heart disease and early death. Further research in this regard says that it is not red meat but processed red meat that is bad for health.

The final word after looking at all kinds of research is that unprocessed meats and lean meats are most often healthy.

High plant protein diets have health benefits


Diets that are high in plant protein like vegetarian diet are linked to several health benefits. Studies say that vegetarians tend to weigh less and have lower blood pressure levels and cholesterol. Also, the risk of cancer, stroke and death from heart disease is lower when compared to non-vegetarians. A diet high in plant protein also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Vegetarians generally lead a healthy lifestyle

It is essential to note that the studies that indicate the above are only observational. They cannot prove that the health benefits were due to elimination of animal protein from the diet. Vegetarians are generally health conscious and follow a healthy lifestyle. This can be the reason behind lower risk of various diseases.

Health benefits of animal protein

Though often in negative limelight, animal protein also has positive health effects to offer. One study reported that chicken, fish and dairy low in fat is linked with lower risk of heart disease.

Regular fish eaters have a lower risk of strokes, heart disease and heart attacks. Eggs are said to be a great food for improving levels of cholesterol and aiding weight loss. People who ate eggs for breakfast were the ones who felt fuller and ate less during the rest of the day.

Also, eating lean protein helps build lean muscles and reduce the loss of muscles that usually occurs with age.

The bottom line

For good health, avoid processed meat and go in for plant protein, along with grass-fed meat, poultry, chicken, eggs and dairy.

Vegetarians need to eat a variety of foods to get all the essential amino acids. Meat eaters need to balance both animal and plant based foods.

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