Annoying Things Skinny People Say Every Time


Annoying Things Skinny People Say

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There are lots of Annoying Things Skinny People Say all the time. Below are mentioned some of the things:

1. I eat so much still I am unable to put on weight

Such stances by skinny people makes you feel irritated and annoyed. Usually people put large efforts to reduce weight and maintain the shape of their body. Dieting, Gym , aerobics, Yoga are all a part of their schedule to reduce weight and when someone from their peer group complains that he/she is not able to put on weight and doing every bit, it makes you feel angry and irritated. You feel like killing him/her in a single go.

2. Oh God you people are on diet, I put so much effort to gain weight

This is a very common line often said by thin people. Lot of people is heath conscious and takes care of their health by having only healthy and nutritious food and does not make their body prone to fried and junk food which is the most preferred food by the youngsters today. When you hear such lines from skinny people, a feeling of irritation automatically emerges from inside. Why only we have to put so much hard efforts and dedication to maintain our body and weight? This simple question makes you feel annoyed and you even start hating those friends.

3. It’s very difficult to find clothes for me; you should thank God that this problem is not with you

Alto-Moda-By-Pantaloons plus size clothing

People usually struggle for good fitted clothes according to their body. Large size clothes and big fat body is usually a concern for every youngster these days. Everyone wants to dress in a way they want, but when size becomes a problem then it automatically makes you angry and frustrated. Skinny people because of their small sizes usually complains about their difficulty in finding clothes but yes it is very annoying for the people who struggles a lot just because of their big sizes. Small sizes are available everywhere but large and extra large sizes are not available.

4. Do you know something I actually lose weight after having chocolate?

This line will make you feel like killing your friend. Eating Chocolates will directly lead to more calories intake which will lead to increase in weight. How come having chocolate reduces weight? This will obviously makes you feel angry.

5. Guys I don’t need to do workout, my abs show naturally

For such stance they definitely deserve one punch. People usually put so much effort in making abs. Abs is one of the most difficult portion of our body to tone and reduce its puffiness. Therefore, it will annoy you when someone say like this.

6. How come you people eat only salads? What about the real food?

Wilted spinach egg peppers salad with creamy spinach mayo dressing

This is one of the most irritating lines said by skinny people. Sometimes eating salad is not a choice but people used to have it because of their strict intake of calorie count. Obviously everyone wants to have real food rather than surviving on juices and salads for whole day.

Hope you could relate to Annoying Things Skinny People Say!

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