7 Ways To A Budget Friendly Anti Inflammatory Diet

Organic Foods
Organic Foods

Budget Friendly Anti Inflammatory Diet!

Hello All!!!

I am back with another budget post and this time it is all about a Budget Friendly Anti Inflammatory Diet! A little bit of saving does not hurt anybody 😉

1) Go organic wisely

Organic Foods
Organic Foods

Organic produce has lower amounts of pesticides, more nutrients and lots of health benefits. However, let’s face it, organic food is expensive and not everybody’s cup of tea. You end up paying 3 times more when compared to conventionally grown produce. So, if organic does not fit into your budget, just check the Dirty dozen and Clean Fifteen list so that you buy only those organic veggies and fruits that are most likely to contain pesticide when grown conventionally. You can go in for the conventional variety for stuff that falls in the clean fifteen list. Check out this post for details– Click!

2) Opt for frozen

Frozen vegetables- frozen food bad for health

Frozen food is no more soggy and somber like it used to be in the past. These days you get really good stuff that is flash-frozen to keep the nutrient density intact. You will be amazed to know that frozen produce is often more nutritious than the fresh one. Also, they last for weeks and even months in the freezer and are not heavy on the pocket.

3) Head to the farmers’ market

Eat Local and Be Healthy1

Buy seasonal and local. There is nothing better than heading to the farmers’ market. You will get fresh and nutritious produce at really good prices. So, chuck the supermarket next time and head to your local farmers’ market.

4) Go easy on meat and eat more produce


Grass-fed meat can be expensive. You can cut down the cost by going easy with it. The perfect anti inflammatory meal (budget friendly version) seems quite pretty with 75% of plant based foods and the rest with the best quality animal food.

5) Try doing intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting for weight loss

Do try intermittent fasting as it has several health benefits. You can save on calories as well as money. To learn more about intermittent fasting click here!

6) Buy anti inflammatory foods in bulk

olive oil

While buying staples like olive oil, coconut oil and other anti inflammatory foods, try to buy the bigger packs as they cost less. Buy packs that have an offer. You can search for online stores that sell such staples at a cheaper rate. However, remember to store food products properly when you buy in bulk.

7) Eat out less often

How To Avoid Weight Gain During Work meal planning

While eating out may sound too convenient and fun, it does burn a hole in your pocket. Cooking at home helps you save a lot of money and you know exactly what is getting into your system. Plan and prep your meals in advance and carry home cooked food to office. Invite close friends and family over for lunch or dinner and offer them home cooked meals. This will help improve the bond. You can ask them to bring one home-cooked dish each too!

So, that is pretty much it about a Budget Friendly Anti Inflammatory Diet!

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